Book Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan

Done reading PERCY JACKSON’S GREEK HEROES. This is a light-read storybook for young adults like me. It contains 12 chapters hilariously narrated by Percy Jackson himself. ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

Each chapter tells a different story with high-quality colored illustrations, let’s say, there are three in one chapter. The stories of Psyche (Chapter 2, page 37) and Hercules (Chapter 11, page 259) are my favorite.

Aphrodite as her mother-in-law, Psyche does everything she can to win back Eros – even if it means traveling to the Underworld to get a box of beauty cream. Beautiful inside and out, her story makes me realize why Psyche became the goddess of the human soul. She genuinely understands human suffering like no one else.

Hercules, on the other hand, is a big name in mythology. He is this muscular, tan and adventurous man who never quit. Yet, to my surprise, his life is a tragedy. He suffers from anger management issues. He even massacred his family before completing the 12 impossible tasks ordered by King Eurystheus.

All in all, this storybook is worth for keeps with its companion, PERCY JACKSON & THE GREEK GODS. I’m planning to re-read but I’m not sure when.

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#Survivor Insights 259: Reasons Why Chris Deserves The Title of Sole Survivor

1) With his current reputation, Chris can inspire more younger adults of today’s generation. His experience in Edge of Extinction serves as a story of hope of survival. His story fuels the younger and future generations to become the best versions of who they are.

If Chris releases his Survivor autobiography today, I will buy it asap in hardcover. Mark my words.

2) Given. Chris was eliminated early but as a new rule, he was given a choice either to stay or to quit. He stayed but in exchange, he needed to survive the psychological turmoil of a desolate island. Then, they were given a chance to return, he lost to Rick Devens. The second time they played a challenge, he won fair and square against the most competitive returning player, Joe.

Moral lesson here is: Chris continues to aspire to redeem himself even after days of psychological turmoil in EoE.

As Chris said in an interview conducted by SheKnows, “That is the game. It’s not Survivor: Season 5 anymore. It’s developed, changed and that part of keeping players on their toes to keep fans excited. You’ve got to be able to leverage the theme.”

Chris Underwood, 25, California
Chris Underwood, 25, California

3) When Chris returned in the game proper, his story stayed uncertain. He failed to win a necklace around his neck. His communication skill saved him, however. He outwitted Lauren and relied on her hidden idol to secure a spot in the Final 5. It worked!

4) Road to Final 3. Chris won the final immunity but gave it to Julie, which was an all-or-nothing strategy to prove himself he can win “not just because.” He understood the calculated risk and made it happen. With the right strategy, he outplayed Devens in fire making challenge.

5) Chris received 9 of the 13 votes to win. This is an enough evidence to hail him as one of the best sole survivors in history – in the Top 5 even. If there is anyone who can accurately evaluate Chris’ overall game, his strengths and weaknesses, it’s the jury. No one else.

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#Survivor Insights 258: Chris Wins Edge of Extinction – Lesson of The Story (Episode 13)

No one saves you from edge of extinction except yourself. In life, it is expected to be betrayed. It is expected to be gossiped upon. It is expected to get tired. These are tough episodes. These are challenges to test how resilient you are. Resilience is a long journey. It is your journey to redemption.

Chris Underwood, 25, California
Chris Underwood, 25, California

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#Survivor Insights 257: Edge of Extinction – Lesson of The Story (Episode 12)

It requires strong gut and clear analytical mind to not fall on reverse psychology. Reverse psychology is a fictional “unfavorable” term for unhealthy mind manipulation.

Aurora McCreary, 32, Florida

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#Survivor Insights 256: Edge of Extinction – Lesson of The Story (Episode 11)

Too much lies never save yourself from shame and doubt.

Ron Clark, 46, Georgia

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