Making Decisions

We make decisions everyday. Either it’s small or big decision, it’s still a decision we need to act upon. In fact, no one is perfect in terms of decision making. Every decision we need, we should and we can face have its own sets of consequences and limitations. Probably, there’s no bad decisions, only the better one. Agree with me or not, making decisions is sometimes easy but most of the time, it’s exhausting.

It’s a nice thing to have someone like Bishop T.D. Jakes. He is the author of the bestselling book “Making Great Decisions,” an inspiring book that teaches you “how to reflect, discern, and decide the next step to take to have a strong and enduring love, marriage, and family (Before You Do).”

To T.D. Jakes, there are five crucial points in decision-making. These are:

  • Research: gathering information and collecting data
  • Roadwork: removing obstacles and clearing the path
  • Rewards: listing choices and imagining their consequences
  • Revelation: narrowing your options and making your selection
  • Rearview: looking back and adjusting as necessary to stay on course

Making decisions can be something worthwhile if you regularly use these five steps in your everyday life.

Movie Review: Goal! Don’t Leave Your Dreams Behind

For some people, this might be an ordinary inspiring soccer film with a twist. Yes, indeed, it really is! But wait, when I get to dig the deepest primary goal of the plot, one thing is for sure: This movie rocks!

Goal! The Dream Begins! This movie inspires me a lot! Believe me or not, I’ve learned capsules and loads of significant insights and realizations about LIFE while watching this film. Without a doubt, this is probably my best motion picture of all time. Truly Number 1!


“Believe in yourself,” this is the most important lesson you can learn after watching the film. Like Santiago Munez (portrayed by Kuno Becker), he never quit in the game of life although he got screwed several times. See? Life is simply a wheel of fortune filled with failures and confusion however; we oftentimes decide our fortune we want. Psychologically, our fortune in life is our choice, not our destiny. Once we get to fathom the correct decisions, confusion melts away! For this reason, our choices are the ticket to the paramount of our dreams.

On the other hand, life is not all about choices and decisions. I understand that at some points of our life, we feel languid even though we don’t exactly know why. Sometimes, we call it as “bad karma” or “God’s wrath.” Don’t worry, I experienced it too, more than what you can think! In this case, luck plays as the spice of our life.

Basically, some people may not really believe in luck only due to the fact that it is unscientific and inexplicit. In fact, when I watched the film “Goal,” I get to realize that there is nothing wrong if we believe in it. Luck might also bring us hope.


There’s a scene in the film when Santiago is about to leave England after series of unsuccessful trials for Newcastle United. However, upon discovering flat tires in his car, Gavin Harris (Alessandro Nivola), a promiscuous and prominent soccer player, instantly calls a taxi cub.

Chasing the time to attend his regular soccer practice, he’s coincidentally riding the taxi with his new soccer pal- Santiago. As a result of this lucky event, Santiago is given another chance to play professional soccer.


See the magic behind luck? We oftentimes ignore its presence but it exists around us. Luck is probably like a falling star. It comes unexpectedly but it works in magical mysterious ways. Isn’t it amazing? Nothing is perfect in life. Oftentimes, we hardly accept our weaknesses. We think that our weaknesses are our liability. An obstacle in life!


Despite of having asthma, Santiago Munez never loses his grip of becoming a professional soccer player. At first, he was in denial of his case. He even lied during his physical examination. Yet, when his league manager, Mr. Dornhelm, learned about his condition, he immediately advised him to see a physician for a thorough check-up. As a result of this big piercing courageous revelation, Santiago’s morale lifted up. This is inspiring, right?


Denial is a negative parcel of life. Everybody lies. We are born to be liars whether we like it or not. It is a common mechanism we do to cope with our difficulties. We love to deny things until we get to realize there is no genuineness inside us. Truth is, facing our weaknesses might be a liability but not an obstacle.

When I was young, I kept a tremendous amount of embarrassment inside me only because I couldn’t accept my disability to walk. There were many questions revolving inside my head that time. Questions that I thought have no answers. I prayed but I was still confused. Believe me or not, I thought of suicide to end my miseries. It’s horrible! Now, I realize that living in reality is not a question of why but how. It took years before I understand and accept the real me. Yes, it sucks to accept our weaknesses but things will be fine if we know how to handle it.

Truth is, life is more beautiful if we are real. There are no specific techniques in knowing ourselves however, if we could learn how to evaluate our weaknesses from our strengths- it is easier to move on! But who knows? Miracles do happen. Time comes that I can walk all by myself and it’s me, myself and my boo at the park with our dogs one day.

Having a special someone adds color to our life. Love is such a powerful word that makes all things possible. Life without love is basically futile. We don’t necessarily know when it comes but it just comes! That’s why; it is called falling in love not searching for love.


Santiago Munez fell in love with his Nurse Roz (Anna Friel).  An active man who kicks a ball outfield and a prim and proper warm-hearted Samaritan inside the hospital. How ironically delightful is that!


Years ago, I was torn because of love. How it happens? That’s another topic, hehehe. All I can say, love is such a positive motivating force of life no matter how puzzling it is sometimes.

People. We live in a world socializing with different people in different races and color. Yet, as what the famous saying says, “You can’t please everyone.” Yes, this is true! No matter how Santiago Munez proves his worth to his father, his father does not believe him. He doesn’t give his son a chance to show what he is capable of.

Perhaps, Santiago’s father is only too preoccupied with all the stress of life which results to stringency. He’s also too weak to accept the changes in life, that’s why; he becomes overprotective of his children in negative ways. As a result, there is a father-and-son conflict.

Huge icebergs of confusion emerge between them. This dilemma happens all the time. Believe me, I experienced it too. It is not really easy to get rid of those icebergs. I did get envy with my dad’s new wife and son. In fact, I learned to hate my dad. With God’s help, I get to understand that the real problem was somehow on me. I realized that I was not a little boy to earn my dad’s attention all the time.

The role of father is no joke at all. Fathers are only human beings with psychological burdens of their own. Some of them may even have enormous trauma behind their backs. They oftentimes deny their weaknesses but truth is, they are also hurt. Bruise inside. I understand it’s too difficult to reach out to them but that’s all we could do to make things easier. No matter what you do, change is the only permanent thing in life, right?

There are also negative people around us. It is painful to think that there are people who regularly criticize, manipulate, envy, label and degrade us by any means.


Being a new member in the soccer league, Santiago Munez is also the center attraction of mockery and jealousy. He had no friends. His presence seems to be a threat to everyone. However, as days pass by, things went out fine for him at the end. Even the famous Gavin Harris became his good friend.


In reality, people are judgmental. We basically don’t know what others think of us. Gossips and rumors are inevitable among a group when someone is passing their way. In this case, paranoia easily sets in and self-control diminishes. Some people are like that, they are still bitter no matter how we please them. Know-it-all people criticize us even to the smallest detail of mistake.

Others only nag to put us down. Just like criminals, these obnoxious people possess a huge amount of guilt inside them. They may be aware of their aggressive actions but they can’t somehow control it. That’s why; their easiest way to cope with this aggression is through displacement (transferring of negative emotions to others) and projection (attributing one’s own unacceptable feeling to others).

Sometimes, life also has these good people who are like Heaven’s Saints and Angels! We exactly don’t know them however, they really believe in our skills and capabilities.


In the film, I reckon there are two great Samaritans behind Santiago’s initial success. First is his grandmother. Amidst the odds, she gave Santiago the airline ticket to his dream. Second is Mr. Glen Foy (portrayed by Stephen Dillane). Mr. Foy, a retired professional soccer player, immediately discovers that Santiago got all the inner guts and skills of a professional soccer player. Despite of failures and frustrations, he still helps Santiago in any means.


Have you ever experienced this certain event in your life? We tend to ignore the presence of these people but they exist. It is such an exhilarating feeling to have someone, who trusts us for not what we are but for who we really are. They don’t judge but comprehend our weaknesses. We don’t completely understand why they exist yet their presence is such a blessing! Miracle, isn’t it? So what we are waiting for, let’s grab the opportunity while they are still there!

Of all the God’s special gifts to us, I could say that our intuition is one of the best! There are episodes in our life that we need to go beyond the facts. We don’t know if it’s that’s the correct decision but we strongly feel it’s the right thing to do. Santiago Munez has been successful in the soccer field because of his intuition. Thank God that he’s basically got the spunk to outplay his opponents. That’s the way life is!

Some of us may not trust our intuitions because we tend to forget its real purpose. If only we could use and follow our intuitions properly, we could realize that God truly whispers to us in little but prolific ways. It pays to follow our intuitions most of the time, doesn’t it?


I am not related to Danny Cannon (director of this film, “Goal”) yet I could really conclude that he has done an awesome and incredible job. Big thanks for this movie. Goal is such a must-see-film for all people especially for those who have leave their innermost dreams behind. -9 stars out of 10-

Detecting Poor Self-esteem

Self-esteem is an important aspect of life. It is like a vessel that keeps you going on with the ups and downs of life. To tell you the truth, it is very impossible to have a meaningful life without boosting the level of your self-esteem.

How will you know if you are suffering from poor self-esteem? Before I will answer that question, let me define what is self-esteem.

Basically, self-esteem refers to the value of respect you award to yourself. This is also about your feelings and opinions on how you will evaluate yourself in the world. In fact, your self-esteem comes in several levels. It might be high, healthy, low or drastically low.

Now, if you don’t value yourself that much and you tend to patronize your abilities, there’s no need for you to doubt that you tend to have a poor self-esteem. Having a poor self-esteem is as similar as drinking a poison. You are living in a topsy-turvy world and whatever you do, you feel worthless.

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Why You Need To Understand Yourself?

Understanding yourself is a process and it is not easy. As you grow older and smarter, you will experience various roadblocks. I know how it feels when you’re having roadblocks and oftentimes, you feel lost of a sudden. In fact, breaking these roadblocks or icebergs in life is tough. Roadblocks never ends and whether you like it or not, it runs in circles.

Now, if you want to live happily, you need to learn how to understand the inner walls of your personality. Understanding your own personality might be the most precious gift you can award to yourself when everything around you seems hopeless. You can never be perfect and anyone can be smarter than you but when you have understood yourself the way you want it, there’s nothing in the world you can ask for.

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Be Nice To Yourself

Are you too hard of yourself? Do you feel sad regularly? Do you hate yourself and wish that you are somebody else?

If you answer yes to these questions, then something might be bugging your self-esteem and self-confidence. People think that these two elements are similar but quite frankly, they are different.

Watch this inspiring video to know why.

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