Rhythm & Blues Rules!!!

Aside from its cool and soulful rhythm, what’s still special with R&B?

Rhythm and Blues or simply called as R&B is, indeed, the newest music craze of all people around the globe these days. Everywhere you go, no matter what race you came from, you are absolutely hooked-up with the blues.

As a matter of fact, R&B is considered as the oldest music genre originated in the southern part of United States. From its humbly beginnings, R&B continually extends his horizon to captivate young and olds with its intensifying beats and inspiring lyrics. Enumerate all the issues you want to hear and R&B has it!

Music UsherIf you are gregarious and energized, you surely feel overjoyed if HIP-HOP is played on air. Let’s admit that when you hear it, you can hardly control the urge to shake and groove till you drop.

One way or another, Hip-Hop is undoubtedly COOL! Once you get hooked with its vibe, you never forget it. For this reason, Hip-Hop is not a fad but a wad of gold.


1) Yeah- Usher featuring Ludacris; from the album “Confessions”
2) Family Affair- Mary J. Blige; from the album “No More Drama”
3) Waterfalls- TLC; from the album “Crazy, Sexy, Cool”
4) My Humps- Black Eyed Peas; from the album “Monkey Business”
5) Sexyback- Justin Timberlake; from the album “Future Sex, Love Sounds”

If you’re still not contended with the powerful mind-blowing effects of Hip-Hop, try listening to RAP. Basically, rap is as similar as Hip-Hop but it apparently more driven, sharp and faster.

Rappers are everywhere nowadays. From the basic essential styles of Jay-Z and LL Cool J to the hard-driven Kanye West and Eminem. Enjoy it while its still hot!


1) Hot In Herre- Nelly; from the album “Nellyville”
2) Candyshop- Fifty Cent featuring Olivia; from the album “Massacre”
3) Drop It While It’s Still Hot- Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrel
4) Cleaning Out My Closet- Eminem
5) Work It- Missy Elliot; from the album “Under Construction”

Yet, if you’re an introvert, like me, who remains to be gentle and emotional; SOUL definitely suits you. R&B/Soul seems is unique. It’s soothing. It’s heartwarming.

Not only that, listening to this genre is like a road to eternity. It feels like you’re rejuvenated. You’re hopeful for tomorrow.


1) If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys; from the album “The Diary of Alicia Keys”
2) So Sick- Neyo; from the album “In My Own Words”
3) You Got it Bad- Usher; from the album “8701”
4) Lost in Space- Lighthouse family; from the album “Postcards from Heaven”
5) Again- Janet Jackson; from the album “Janet”

What can you ask for?

Absolutely nothing. R&B is still the best no matter what other people will say. Rhythm & Blues rules the music world now and always!

Let me know what you think

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