SURVIVOR Insights 161: SJDS – Where Did Drew Go Wrong (Episode 4)

Total Viewers: 9.33 Million

Drew was a camera favorite in three previous episodes. The edit showed his arrogance, overconfidence and camp idleness. He was perceived as the baby of the group, which resulted nothing but disappointment. Drew became the first eliminated Hunahpu member for the following reasons:

Drew Male Alliance

Reason 1: Breakable Alliance. Drew was part of a male alliance. He, Jon and Jeremy made plans but no one attempted to maneuver these plans in the right direction. Jon (the Bernard Tomic look-alike) wanted to get rid of Julie (the season’s Angelina Jolie). Jeremy felt Keith was the right choice and Drew attempted to take down Kelley.

Kelley could have been the better choice. It’s a proof Drew started playing his strategic game. His biggest problem, though was his lack of tender touch. There’s this one scene in which he’s trying to convince Jon and Jeremy to vote off Kelley and I observed his approach was aggressive.

Reason 2: Leadership vs. Management. Drew wanted to do things in his own terms. He got the balls to negotiate with Jeff Probst even if the idea sounded silly. He wanted to throw the immunity challenge. He wanted Jon and Jeremy to eliminate Kelley. Seems strong and unbreakable, right?

There’s nothing wrong with making firm decisions for yourself but sometimes, inflexibility results to bad management. Things will spiral down immediately when a leader doesn’t know how to properly manage his people.

Reason 3: Throwing A Challenge Was/Is A Crime. Drew might have forgotten the past events. Throwing a challenge wouldn’t yield positive results. Every tribe who decided to throw a challenge ended up losing the game and losing the season, as well (as I remembered it). One clear example was the Zapatera Tribe in Season 22. When the tribe threw the challenge to knock down Russel Hantz in Episode 3, Ometepe started winning more challenges. Rob as their leader won the season.

Immunity Challenge Alert: 3 Hunahpu, 1 Coyopa

Who would have thought Coyopa would win the most difficult immunity group challenge to date? Drew probably knew. I also knew when Hunahpu chose Jon, Kelley and Jeremy chose not to participate.

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SURVIVOR Insights 160: SJDS – Where Did John Rocker Go Wrong (Episode 3)

Total Viewers: 9.59 Million

John Rocker established himself as one of the popular faces before the premiere. Unfortunately, names were only names. Rocker was voted out just three episodes in. He’s still, however, the star. The camera loved him and gave him more airtime than Alec and Dale combined. So, why Rocker was unwanted?

John Rocker Voted Out Survivor San Del Sur

Reason 1: Bad Reputation. Rocker’s reputation (as a former MLB pitcher) could have helped him build trust. He could have sealed a deal with Josh. Things went the other side, however. Rocker allowed his past to haunt him. His alliance became weak and the majority wanted to get rid of him not because he’s competitive but he’s perceived as negative and obnoxious.

Perhaps, Josh got other reasons to vote him out. It seemed Josh wanted to keep Rocker but his alliance with Baylor was more unbreakable. He knew he can get far with Baylor by his side than Rocker.

Reason 2: He felt too confident. Overconfidence was a crime. It wouldn’t save anyone, even the popular John Rocker. Should he played the idol, Rocker could have stayed for three more days or longer. He could have made the merge. He could have used the time to change his reputation, but nothing happened. All hopes still disappeared due to his overconfidence.

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SURVIVOR Insights 159: SJDS – Where Did Val Go Wrong (Episode 2)

Total Viewers: 9.49 Million

One hour wasn’t enough for this episode. It seemed the number of events went fast. The layers of stories went boom after boom after boom and just like that, Val went home.

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Val Ousted

Edit-wise, Val was one of the vocal characters this season. She talks clearly and wasn’t afraid to air out what she thinks. She was also given a good amount of airtime during the premiere. Just the first ten minutes, Val competed against and lost to her husband (Jeremy) in the first duel. She was sent to Exile Island and luckily, found the first clue for the hidden immunity idol. Strategy-wise though, the clue didn’t help her game. Val’s game still went downhill and didn’t have a chance to recover.

Reason 1: She lied too much. Let’s face it, even the greatest villain of the show (Russel Hantz) learned to trust some people for his survival. Val chose not to trust any, even John Rocker who made a deal with Jeremy during their stay in the Exile Island.

Reason 2: She was overthinking. Val sounded unsure in her confessionals. She wanted to play big moves to save herself but without a little trust in the mix, things won’t work at all.

Reason 3: She hated Baylor too much. Baylor put herself in a good position when she voted against Nadiya so, Val should have asked for her help instead of going against her.

Immunity Challenge Alert: 2 Hunahpu, 0 Coyopa

Blood vs. Water was put in the test during the Sumo At The Sea Challenge. Eight pairs squared off (Jaclyn vs. Kelley, Alec vs. Drew, Wes vs. Jeremy, Val vs. Natalie, John vs. Jon, Baylor vs. Missy, Josh vs. Reed, Dale vs. Keith) and teams were tied at 4-4. Jaclyn won the first point for her team but Kelley sealed Hunahpu’s second immunity victory, outplaying Jaclyn during the deciding point 5-4.

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