Ana Ivanovic: Time to Get Tired of Losing

Roland Garros is now around the corner and until now, I don’t know if Ana Ivanovic can still defend her title or not. This early 2009, her only strongest suit was her runner-up appearance at Indian Wells. Her clay matches in Rome is truly off-the-hook and now, she’s missing Madrid due to knee injury. I feel scared for this young Serb. Perhaps, her third round curse is playing on board again and she’s slowly sliding down the top ten rankings.

On the other hand, Rafael Nadal is doing a blast and undeniably on the peak of his career, especially in clay. Consecutive triumphs in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome are already an unbelievable accomplishments to secure a fifth winning streak in Paris. Unlike Ivanovic, Rafael Nadal has not only brought his game to A+ but his insights and self-confidence in his interviews are also a top-notch.

“Before the match I always think I can lose and I can win.”

“The normal thing is not always to win, the normal thing is to lose.”

Keeping the feet on the ground is what makes Nadal an inspiration. To him, tennis is always unpredictable and now he’s on top, what he only needs is some brilliant consistencies in his game. Reading his interview in Rome, he showed the world how an open-minded and confident athlete should behave without necessarily roaring like an arrogant tiger. (visit this link for the complete interview)

It’s fairly unfair to compare Ana Ivanovic and Rafael Nadal. Just hands down to their impressive record in red-dirt last 2008 and about their forehand hits, they are noticeably their dangerous weapons. The problem with Ivanovic is not entirely the way she plays on court but it’s in the way she “overthinks” her game.

Like in Rome, she’s already 4-0 lead against Radswanka in the deciding but she completely blew her chances. Her coach (Craig Kardon on Ana Ivanovic) puts the blame on her knee injury she attained during her second-round match with Shiavone.

Injured or not. Low confidence or high, it might still be risky to bet your money on Ana Ivanovic as the queen of French Open twice in a row. Even in the recent surveys, Dinara Safina gets the shouts and only marks of hesitation for Ivanovic.

Has Ana Ivanovic totally loss her sparks? Perhaps, it’s not yet too late for improvements. She’s still young and what she needs is at least, try to act like Rafael Nadal.

So, my FO-bet goes for Djokovic and Nadal for mens and still in fence for womens.

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