Remembering the Rivalries

Another superb and unforgettable aspect of Tennis is the rivalries. Whether your bet wins or lose, you can’t still stop cheering for them ’till your lungs went off.

I found this article in BNET and found out the greatest tennis rivalry of all time is JOHN MCENROE vs BJORN BORG. CHRIS EVERT v MARTINA NAVRATILOVa, PETE SAMPRAS v ANDRE AGASSI, JOHN MCENROE v JIMMY CONNORS, MONICA SELES v STEFFI GRAF occupy the second, third, fourth and fifth spot.

Of course, who can be forget the ROGER FEDERER v RAFAEL NADAL (6th)? I wonder why SERENA v VENUS are only in tenth.

McEnroe-Borg Best Moment

Seles-Graf Best Moment

Sampras-Agassi Best Moments

Fast forward to present…

Federer-Nadal Best Moments

I happened to download this match and watch it at its entirety. Wow, there were lots of fantastic & disappointing moments in every set. Federer’s win in the third and fourth set was truly nerve-cracking.

Seems like World Third Seed Djokovic and America’s A-Rod is also on board now.

Here comes the grunting noises of the Williams Sisters, truly the competitive Serena-Venus!

The list won’t be completed without the young squeak and the pleasurable screech of Ivanovic-Sharapova. Can’t wait to see them again!

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