Fantastic QF Clash in Monte Carlo

djokovicmontecarloNovak Djokovic and Fernando Verdasco were hitting some of the finest rallies during their quarterfinal-clash in Monte Carlo.

Wow, the match was overall good I think. Djokovic managed to regularly approach the net and he even produced an impressive drop shot in the second set. But really, their rallies were still the best. Those were consistently good. It seems as if this is the match of who’s got the best racket, Head or Technofiber?

verdascomontecarlo1Yeah. Verdasco triumph in the second set. His Technofiber seem to hit the ball with great precision but the 3rd World Seed came back and sealed a 6-3 in the deciding set.

No doubt, this was a match of power- forehand baseline players except for those cranky serves made by Djokovic in the last stretches of the game. Those are pretty disappointing.

But have you also noticed the common denominator (I mean The Girl) with these two, apart from their big serves and fought-hard rallies?

Remember her

Here’s the video highlights of Djokovic/Verdasco Match:

Let me know what you think

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