How to Get Ripped: Perform the 7 Push-ups

Push-up is a type of bodyweight exercise. It’s called as such because you support your body weight using your arms and legs. As for its ideal reps and sets, a fitness writer once said,

“There’s no one perfect number for how many push-ups a person can do in a day. It depends on current strength levels, as well as goals and comfort.”

Mens Health reveals the basic seven (7) push-up variations “to build strength, power, and sleeve-busting muscle.” These are:

Classic Push-up

Good for: Upper-body conditioning

Classic Push-up

Rotational Push-up

Good for: Athletic performance

Rotational Push-up


Good for: Midsection endurance


Barbell Push-up

Good for: Shoulder stability

Barbell Push-up

Walking Push-up

Good for: Abdominal development

waking push-up

Plyometric Push-up

Good for: Upper-body development

Plyometric push-up

Suspended Push-up

Good for: Upper-body stability

Suspended Push-up

It’s believed push-up repetition lowers as the person gets old. Young adult men, below 30 years old, can perform as many as 62 reps in one session.

Older men, 60 years old above, can only perform 28 reps if he’s in superior condition and as low as two if he’s in a very poor condition. For a complete data, let this chart be your guide.

Do you want more? If yes, below is a video created by RnB Yoga Fit. Rob, a personal coach from Toronto, will show you the 100 push-up variations to help you get ripped and prepare your body for advanced techniques.

Photos Courtesy of: Linden Hurst Martial Arts

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