Survivor Insights 55: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Landslide Defeat for the Villains

It’s a miracle Parvati escaped the vote. Oh yeah! I could not understand how she survived it after all those ‘dirty’ talks behind her back. Almost everyone in her tribe wanted her out. Jerri called her a virus, Randy called her the queen and Coach considered her the “most dangerous player on our tribe.”

Virus? Yes, this episode allowed us to see and feel the ‘virus’ in Parvati. Parvati fought hard for her dear life and once again, she used her charm to get to everyone. Surprisingly, the ‘virus’ still worked for her advantage. It’s not a bad virus after all, it’s a good virus. The addictive one, LOL

Parvati on Russel: It was pretty a funny scene to see Russel flirting with Parvati. It’s pretty hard to believe even the Evil Russel couldn’t ignore the virus eh? I wondered what’s inside Russel’s mind that time and it’s the first time I’ve seen him acted that way.

It’s understandable that it’s hard to ignore the type of virus Parvati has the ability to bring. The virus was stronger than flu and colds. If I were in Russel’s shoe, I would have done the same.

As I see it, Russel has not forgotten his game plan. Even he buried the machete to create chaos in the tribe,  Russel still has needs and to be next with Parvati that close, come on, forget the game for a while and enjoy. (I just hope he and his wife are still together until now, Mrs. Hantz it’s only a game, the Mr. Hantz as your husband is a different subject)

Parvati on Jerri: Tensions start to crack between these two. Just imagine if one sleeping volcano will instantly erupt unexpectedly and the lava is just flowing uncontrollably. That would certainly be the scene to watch. Even Jeff Probst called itSurvivor Black Widow Shooooooooooowdown!”

Jerri: “Every time I’m around her I want to punch her in the face.”

Parvati: “She’s just a bitter old cougar.”

Who’s side are you in?

No hurtful words for Jerri though. I want them both to stay longer but if worst happens, I wish the best of luck for Parvati.

Rob/Sandra: These two stood strong as a team. If not for them, Parvati went home. Let’s face it, the Russel-power did not work without the help of Rob and Sandra. If I was Russel, it’s nicer to forget the big ego in my head and work with Rob and Sandra with Parvati on the line. This could be a dangerous alliance, anyone can cut throat but it’s an interesting one, right?

“Russell continues to miss his single greatest strategic opportunity – Boston Rob. Stop working against Rob and work with him. What’s wrong with you! Rob and Russell together could take it all the way to the end. It’s so easy to see when you’re not stuck in the middle of it.” Jeff Probst blogs.

Episode 3: Reward/Immunity Challenge

I did not like this challenge. The fact that Villains lose it on a landslide, the whole concept was also completely unfair. It’s all about strength and balance. That means, if you a person with stronger pair of arms and legs like James, boom, you ace this challenge. No question. Yet, some of the match-ups during the challenge were interesting to watch.

Candice vs Parvati: The Cook-Islands fever was back! I thought Parvati would win this clash but Candice stood at the right angles and kept her balance in check. Get on her feet and just became aggressive maiming Parvati down.

WINNER: Candice

Colby vs Boston Rob: This was probably the tightest clash of all the pairs. These two men had given their all (power and timing) . It was just a matter of balance and given the fact it’s all slippery on board, Colby handled the situation correctly and more aggressively.


Amanda vs Danielle: Danielle started strong. She had Amanda in her hands but when Amanda spins around the board, that was the right timing for her to turn things in her way. She quickly took that advantage and..

WINNER: Amanda

JT vs Tyson: These two men were in the same boat during the clash. They played the game as if they can read each other’s minds. Yet, JT emerged as the better player in the end and controlled Tyson.


The James-Randy match was like an icing on the cake. I knew James would win. There’s no further question about it. Randy tried to distract James with his words but nothing happened. James downs Randy in one punch, leaving the Villains in great frustration, 8-0.

(Watch the HD video below)

After the challenge, I am sure you recognized the rest of the editing was focused on Team Villains. The series of events was in fire. Parvati or Randy? Randy or Parvati? With all respect to Randy, I admired the way he fought for his life. He remained to stay logical in his reasoning.

However, the game is called SURVIVOR and things got rough most of the time.

I feel for Randy this time but his under-the-radar playing style does not work completely work for him. I waited for the season 17’s ‘Nasty’ Randy to come forward during the first episode of HvV. In fact, Russel reminded me of Randy the first time I saw Mr. Hantz in Samoa.

“The tribe has spoken” and for that, everyone said goodbye to Randy.

Randy’s Exit Interview

Watch the Reward/Immunity Challenge

Villains First Tribal Council: What each tribe member had to say as they cast their votes

Survivor Insights 54: Survivor Heroes VS Villains: ‘Hats Off to Boston Rob’

Samoan Flu downs Boston Rob

The second episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains was all about Boston Rob. Boston Rob who emerged as the leader of the Team Villains, who started the fire without a flint and who lead the group to create a more comfortable shelter.

That’s why; it’s an odd moment to see that Boston Rob who was down because of a flu. Yeah, the Samoan Flu and I don’t have any idea how dangerous it was until Jeff Probst clearly described it in his blog when the virus hits the human body.

“It hits the body very hard and according to our doctors, one of the worst parts was the accompanying headache which felt like a nail being repeatedly pounded into the back of your head.”

Whoa, that feeling really sucks. Boston Rob was very lucky to recover immediately and was not pulled-out from the game. To those who dig for Rob, I am sure you feel relieve as you see Jeff Probst helped him stand and he decided to continue the game. Even Evil Russel was glad that Rob came back at the camp.

What does this mean? Is this the start of a ‘dream’ alliance?’

I hope so. It would be a spectacular to see those two in the jury. But I doubt it. I doubt if there’s any alliances between these two. Russel wanted power, he’s self-centered and I am sure he will do everything just to dominate. Russel and his ‘girl’ alliance could oust Rob just like that.

Episode Two: Reward/Immunity Challenge

I was expecting the Team Heroes would win this week’s Immunity Challenge. The time has come and they got JT on their side. JT and his tribemates (Jalapao) won this challenge back in season 18.

Unfortunately, Team Villains still won! It was certainly a hard-fought challenge for all of them. Big, big kudos for them, not only for Boston Rob who used his entire back to push the huge block at the top (That’s exactly what Brendon did in Tocantins); but also to Parvati, who met an accident at the moment while she and Russel were pushing the block towards the line.

Poor Parvati and Rob but it’s all work it. Hats off to Team Villains. So far, so good, all their hard word paid off.

They won.

Team Villains was safe from Tribal Council once again (hear those bells ringing?)

James vs Stephenie

I think one of the reasons why Team Heroes lose two Immunity Challenges in a row wass their teamwork was all over the place. As I see it, they were not working for the success of the tribe instead they submit themselves to vulnerability.

Without any traces of doubt, James and Stephenie were the two of the ‘most physically ripped castaways’ of this season. Stephenie was the kind of person who’s not afraid to voice her opinions out.

James? Perhaps, he was ‘very’ hungry and mentally-drained and that’s the reason why he became an intense Hulk during the challenge.

“I know he’s the strongest guy to ever play this game, but his attitude is just not there and that is more damaging long term than his biceps are helpful short term.” – Jeff Probst

“The hero tribe will need some time to recover from tonight’s vote and not simply because they lost a very strong player in Stephenie.  The real damage came at the hands of James.  His comments must have left a bad taste in the mouth of every other member on the Hero tribe.”

Oust Steph!

The Tribal Council went crazy between James and Stephenie. To the rescue, Tom and Colby defended Steph. These two acted like her father and brother.

However, the defense did not make any magic. The James-Alliance stayed loyal to him and Stephenie still took the cut.

Stephenie’s Exit RNO Interview

Just a thought: I could not fully understand why Amanda is always a target in Tribal Council. It all become clear to me once I finished reading Steph’s exit interview.

The reason why Amanda voted against Amanda “Amanda is a good athlete – I definitely underestimated her… Amanda got really whiny and girly and we were all saying it. We were like, “Amanda, we’re not out here modeling, stop trying to look pretty. Stop putting your hand on your hip every time the camera comes around. It’s not America’s Next Top Model.”

One more thing before ending this post, where Exile Island has gone? Is it returning? I look forward.

Survivor Insights 53: Heroes vs Villains – The Pilot Episode

Wow, it’s quite unbelievable I am watching SURVIVOR for ten years now. That’s ten years of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting. It’s totally amazing that after ten years, this popular reality competition is still in the roll and not losing its luster.

Jam-packed! That’s the only word I can think of to describe the two-hour premiere of SURVIVOR HEROES VS VILLAINS.

I am satisfied with the editing. Every little thing is just going in the right direction. The first minute Jeff Probst started narrating, I knew that’s the start of a great pilot episode. Then the narration was immediately followed by a spectacular opening intro. See it to believe!

Now, let’s talk about the returning castaways. To me, each castaway has given the airtime they needed for this episode. The moment they step into the island (’till the Heroes team voted Sugar out), each of these castaways has something really juicy to say during their confessionals.

Team Heroes

Sugar (Final 3, Survivor Gabon)

Sugar was totally a stand-out during the first reward challenge. What she did ‘being topless’ was unbelievable and that was supposed to be a ‘plus’ factor in order not to vote her off. Yet, her chances to stay longer in the game went into ashes when she annoyed the ‘superior’ members of her group.

Stephenie (Jury, Survivor Palau: Runner-up, Survivor Guatemala)

It’s hard to believe she was the very first injured castaway of the season. Steph looks fit in her CBS profile and it’s a mystery why all of sudden, Parvati and Danielle outplayed her just like that. (see below)

Candice (Jury, Survivor Cook Islands)

This woman starts to grow in me. I kept noticing her insightful confessionals. There are a lot of past castaways that could have been in her position. Yet in my own opinion, Candice is an ‘unexpected’ wildcard and, if not injured or forced to quit, she might bring something so juicy for this season.

Amanda (Final 3, Survivor China: Runner-up, Survivor Micronesia)

The good thing with Amanda, she still looks an eyecandy in front of the camera. She did this reality competition for three times now and no one knows what she’ll bring on the table this season. Amanda’s ‘unforgettable break was probably when she told Jeff that those sole survivors (referring to Tom and JT) deserve to go first than her. That was smart!

Cirie (Final 4, Survivor Panama Exile Islands: Final 3, Survivor Micronesia)

It’s a scary moment after the Team Heroes loss in the Immunity Challenge, Tom wanted Cirie out. I know she’s a big threat and a good ally at the same time. But Cirie is just one of the reasons why this show is called SURVIVOR. Cirie can find a way to escape the cut, that’s for sure and she deserves to stay longer. If possible, I want her to be a part of the jury.

Colby (Runner-up, Survivor Australian Outback: Fifth Out, Survivor All-Stars)

There’s no need to doubt Colby is the MR. Popular of SURVIVOR. He’s fit, strong and could win individual challenges easily. But, what happened during the reward challenge? Coach clearly devoured him. During that clash, I expected Colby to dominate but he just couldn’t get out from Coach’s defense.

James (Jury, Survivor China: Jury, Survivor Micronesia)

No one can probably outplay James when it comes to strength and agility. He has a bodybuilder physique that is too powerful for Rob and Tyson during the reward challenge- the reason why Team Heroes won the very first reward challenge. (see below). I just don’t know how hungry James to win this competition.

Rupert (Jury, Survivor Pearl Islands: Final 4, Survivor All-Stars)

Team Heroes seems invincible with Rupert. Just like James, I am also not sure how Rupert performs for another comeback. He’s already broken his toe and he was not giving his best-foot-forward during the Immunity Challenge. Where’s the Rupert ‘the giant’ I’ve seen in season 7?

Tom (Winner, Survivor Palau)

It’s nice to see Tom once again with Stephenie. If this alliance flourish, it will probably work out fine. The main problem now is, Tom is more a fierce competitor now than before. It’s a great strategic move that he wanted Cirie out but do you think it would be better if Tom will cook the big fish first before eating it?

JT (Winner, Survivor Tocantins)

This season will surely be a rollercoaster ride for JT. He came from a season that’s filled with blindsides but watch out, this young man is absolutely ready for more. It’s also nice to see he’s starting to create alliances this early. This strategy could help him move farther. I just don’t know if who’ll stay on his side this time. Will it be James, Tom or no one?

Team Villains

Russel (Runner-Up Survivor Tocantins)

It’s a revealing moment when Russel said he was starstruck sitting in between with Boston Rob and Parvati (inside the helicopter). It’s hard to believe it but yeah, that’s understandable. Time is clicking so fast now as if every minute counts. That’s why; Russel must immediately work his way inside the circle. Hopefully, he remains to be a man of his word to stick with Danielle and Parvati.

Rob (Merge, Survivor Marquesas: Runner-up, Survivor All-Stars)

He emerged as the leader of Team Villains. Although he seemed beatable during his clash with James during the reward, Rob took the lead in making a fire and help his group win the Immunity Challenge. I am looking forward for the next episode and if he’ll be forced to depart, the entire season will be incomplete.

Tyson (Jury, Survivor Tocantins)

Just like in season 18, Tyson remained to be a sharp, aggressive and cut-throat competitor. He’s the one man who plays but not the one to rely on when it comes to alliances.

Coach (Jury, Survivor Tocantins)

Coach downs Colby BIG TIME! That was a great achievement and he is also making some grounds with Jerri. Coach was all around the place during this episode and certainly the one to watch as the series of events start to burst into flames.

Randy (Jury, Survivor Gabon)

Yeah, each castaway had given some memorable stuffs to remember but where’s Randy? He was below-the-radar and how long will this last? I expect a Randy who steps up and get things unruly. This was the ‘Randy’ I witnessed in season 17.

Parvati (Jury, Survivor Cook Islands: Winner, Survivor Micronesia)

She thrashed Stephenie. That moment happened so fast and while watching it on TV, she only proved to me that Parvati’s back on track once again. Not to forget, she made a straight-in-line agreement with Russel. If Russel will not turn his back on her, this deal can be successful. Yet, it’s still can’t be denied that I have string of doubts. It’s a different and much riskier game now. All of them are well-experienced. If her social game works, that’s a luck.

Danielle (Runner-up, Survivor Panama Exile Islands)

The moment she ran into the mat without an upper garment to cover her breast, the game was on fire for a better and tougher Danielle. You know, Danielle has a good chance of moving farther if she regularly plays the correct cards at the time with the right people.

Courtney (Final 3, Survivor China)

The most unforgettable Courtney’s moment in this episode was when she shouted to Parvati to break Steph’s shoulder. That was plainly evil! For this, Courtney had no regrets acting as a villain. She’s ready for another test and seems like, she’s ready for more.

Jerri (Jury, Survivor Australian Outback: Seventh Out, Survivor All-Stars)

Jerri was on board for the third time and honestly, I was not satisfied of the ‘Jerri” I saw in Survivor: All-Stars. I’m looking for more madness from her now. She was only starting with Coach and it would probably be a guarantee there’s more shocking outbursts along the way.

Sandra (Winner, Survivor Pearl Islands)

Not sure with why Sandra came back for another cut-throating game. Yes, she seems ready. She’s ready to connect with the superior names like Boston Rob just to move forward. Her game cards might work in the right order, if not injured, but for how long?

SURVIVOR HEROES VS VILLAINS: First Reward & Immunity Challenges

Did I mention the new Tribal Council was a work of genius? It’s a tree house forty-feet above the ground and without a roof. This must be ‘very’ painful for all the castaways, for the camera crews and for Jeff Probst himself.

Survivor Insights 52: Survivor Heroes vs Villains on Solar TV

It’s confirmed!

I saw the ad last night. Solar TV/CS9 will be the local carrier of SURVIVOR HEROES VS VILLAINS in the Philippines.

Mark up those calendars and prepare for the two-hour premiere of return, revenge and redemption on February 12, 2010, 10 PM.

This is gonna be awesome no matter who’s going home first!

Folks, you must feel the fire burning by now. lol

For the meantime, watch this 13-minute Survivor Look Back. This is supposed to be an hour-long show but this is the only clip I can find in YouTube.

Ana Ivanovic: Oh Man, I Can’t Stop Looking

Ana Ivanovic appears in Sports Illustrated 2010. Oh man, I just can’t stop looking and the above photo just allow myself to put inside my wildest imagination. This is certainly hotter than FHM 2008.

One more thing,

Adidas announced a long-term partnership with the Roland Garros ’08 Champion. “The 22-year-old will wear ‘three-stripe’ products for the entirety of her career and will become an ambassador for the brand upon retirement from competitive tennis.”