Best Exercises for your Abs

abdominals-anatomySix-pack abs. The term is not new to you. You like to have it. I want it too and everyone dreams of having it.

Truth is; everyone has a six-pack. These are the types of muscles that only become visible when your body fat percentage ranges from 10-12% (For Men) and 15-16% (For Women). To solve your body fat, you can use the link provided below.

I know, I know, every piece of information you need about six pack abs do exist. But wait a minute folks! Do not be easily tricked with the hype you regularly see in fitness commercials and on the Internet. If there are numerous information out there, pick only the safest details you can follow.

You need to understand the first step to having a ripped midsection is to understand its anatomy. Your abdominal has three parts: the Lower and Upper (Rectus Abdominis) and Obliques (External and Internal). Each area has a specific workout technique to follow and the training must be short but intense.

healthy man with six pack abs
Photo Courtesy of: Men’s Health

Thanks to Home-Workout-Routines and I have posted below the best ab exercises you can perform at home.

For your lower abs, HIP RAISES is good for you. There’s no need for any tool, you simply need your workout mat and your patience when it hurts for the first time.

For your upper abs, have you tried STRAIGHT-LEG CRUNCHES? If not, perform this technique without arching your back.

Perform JACKKNIVES for your obliques.

Or, the CROSS CRUNCHES -Variation with Reach

It is also possible to perform all-in-one abs exercises – the RUSSIAN TWISTS

The truth about abs, according to Vince DelMonte (the bestselling author of No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program and No-Nonsense Six Pack) is “the amount of muscle you have on your abs will determine whether you start seeing your “pack” poke through at 10% body fat or 6% body fat.”

Additional Exercise for your lower abs:

  1. Find yourself a DECLINE BENCH and a bath-sized towel.
  2. Roll the towel up into about a cylinder, about 6 inches high.
  3. Lay on the decline bench with your head toward the top and your legs straight with feet on the floor.
  4. Place the towel from left to right under your lower back and grab the bench behind your head with both hands to gain leverage.
  5. The towel increases the range of motion in your abs and also gives you incredible lower ab activation.
  6. Now, keeping your legs straight, raise them in the air until you’re in the shape of a “V” and breathe out forcefully at the peak contraction point.
  7. Lower your legs slowly but don’t give them a break at the bottom.
  8. Raise them back up in the air and continue back and forth until exhaustion.
  9. When you’re abs are toast, finish them off by bending your legs at the knees and doing “reverse crunches” in the same fashion, bringing your knees up toward your chest.

You can watch a similar exercise in this video:

What’s the conclusion?

Developing six-pack for your abdominal is certainly the greatest gift you can reward to yourself. It does not only make you look attractive on the outside but it also creates an equilibrium between your upper and lower body. Ripped midsection means great posture, great physique and great life. Want to solve your body fat? Please use this Body Fat Calculator.

Animated Photo courtesy of ASMIA

15 thoughts on “Best Exercises for your Abs

  1. You are contradictory and misleading with what you say. First you state that all people have 6-packs and then you tell us how to develop them.

    As you say everyone has a 6-pack – even the fat guys but in their case it’s hidden by fat. No amount of muscle toning like this will help the 6-pack as it will still be hidden by fat.

    If anyone wants to show their 6-pack then they should lose the fat. The natural 6-pack that everyone has (your words) will then be visible.

    Go running. Do more general exercise. Eat better foods. Eat less fatty foods. These will all help but if you do your exercises and keep the fat then the 6-pack will never emerge.


    • Author was anything but contradicting. He was right when he said that abdominal muscles are only visible with certain percentages of body fat, and therefore hidden beneath the fat for stout ones. He did not cover fat loss because he was talking about ab exercises as the post title implies.

      The logic of ripped abs is simple, really; but you said it like you’re the only holder of the holy grail. And might I add, I QUIT RUNNING. Long distance running is terrible. I injured my knee because of running and yet I was still struggling getting out of plateau. The real key to fat loss of course with good nutrition–and you did not even mention these–are HIIT + Resistance Training + Functional Exercise. I’m a woman, used to have around 21% and now at 17% without even going out for a jog.

      There is a flood of scientific research discouraging prolonged physical activity like running. Trainer, I think it’s time to upgrade your “training” knowledge.


  2. Is it safe for the beginner to try all these exercises? Actually, I have a problem in my lower back also. So can you please suggest me if it is safe for me?
    But i really liked your article. Thanks for the information.


    • Hi Sahil. This article is made for information purposes only. You need to consult your doctor first before performing these exercises. Your lower back problems suggest you might need a variation in technique.


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