My Top 5 102015

No one cares about this countdown but me.

5. 28 Thousand Days by: Alicia Keys

There’s only 28 thousand days | Who would you love? | Where would you go? | What would you celebrate? | I’m telling you that life’s too short to just throw it away | So have the time of your life, so have the time of your life [AZ Lyrics]

4. My Baby Just Cares For Me by: Usher

She don’t care for shows | Unless it’s front row at my show now | My baby just cares for me | My baby don’t care for, rings or expensive things | My baby just cares for me, uhh [Metro Lyrics]

3. My Imagination by: John Legend

To hide in my imagination | There is always magic waiting | Never counting time | Always on my mind | There’s a place that only I see | Far away from all that haunts me | Inch by inch creating in my imagination [Direct Lyrics]

2. We’ve Got Love by: Babyface

I been thinking ’bout it | Ain’t no doubt about it | We got something that the world | Just can’t explain | It was the one thing | That makes it always work out | It’s cause we got love, love, love, love, love | If we got nothin’ else | We got love | It’s cause we got love, love, love, love, love | At least that’s something, yes | We got love [Genius]

(1.) No Sleeep (Album Version) by: Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole

You’re missing me | I’m missing you | Wherever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep | You came to me to get back with you | It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep [Direct Lyrics]