Survivor Insights 155: Cochran Wins Survivor Caramoan (Episode 14)

There are five random reasons why this finale is interestingly good:

cochran wins survivor caramoan

Reason #1: A favorite won again and I’m all pumped that it’s Cochran. I am genuinely rooting for this 25-year-old returnee the moment the ten fans and favorites were revealed four months ago. Truth is; watching Cochran’s overall game was never a disappointment. He learned from his past mistakes. He managed to win the most important immunity challenges (He won 3, the first and the last in which the second one was against Eddie) even if he’s not the fittest guy of the season who could win every challenge that requires strength and agility.

All in all, Cochran proved to himself that “Impossible is nothing” in the game of Survivor should one knows the proper timing to attack and when to get defensive. He also showed the world how an experienced fan of thirteen years could smoothly win a game full of backstabbers, narcissists and physical threats.

Reason #2: What went wrong with Sherri? She made the final three, made a great opening speech in front of the jury but when Erik asked her a question that seems important for her to answer, she seemingly acted like a know-it-all.

With all seriousness, Watching this scene felt like a dwarf collided with a banshee. It was seriously an awkward moment and until now, as I am writing this post, I find it hard to believe a successful businesswoman who owned multiple franchises in real life would have the nerve to behave like she didn’t want the money.

Reason #3: Eddie stepped up and out of nowhere, for the first time in 14 episodes, this firefighter/EMT convincingly knew he can win the game. I just don’t understand why he didn’t use all what he has to win the South-Pacific-rewind reward challenge. He was close, so close and should he win the challenge – it would be interesting to see if Cochran would still win the final immunity challenge.

Reason #4: I adored Dawn’s courage. Even if Brenda ruthlessly ordered her to remove her retainers, Dawn still gave in. Dawn didn’t allow her insecurities to embrace her and bravely followed Brenda’s order even if it means humiliating herself in front of million viewers around the world. Somehow, on the deeper side of things, Dawn didn’t humiliate herself. She proved to everyone that a forty-two woman with six adopted kids must be fearless.

Another realization is: All of us has physical insecurities and we regularly think the world will start criticizing us once they see our imperfection. But, once we learn how to face these insecurities and just forgetting what these fault-finder people will say, there are still people who will appreciate the imperfection in us.

With that saying, I can’t understand why Brenda didn’t vote for Dawn. Was Brenda not emotionally connected with what Dawn showed her?

Reason #5: It’s kinda predictable when Cochran voted against Eddie. It means he really feared Eddie for the title. Yet, it’s still the right decision in which Cochran has to do. Cochran voted against Eddie not because he’s a physical threat but he’s a likable person to win.

Should Cochran kept Eddie over Dawn or Sherri, it might be a more interesting final Tribal Council for which I could listen to three people talk, not just a Dawn-Cochran show. This finale is a 9 of 10 stars!

Photo courtesy: CBS