Cardio for the Skinny You

I read numerous articles telling me hardgainers should not perform cardio exercises. Why? It’s simply because these authors claim cardio exercises shed calories fast and as a major rule, those are only good for people who wants to lose weight.

Stupid me for believing them. Skinny or underweight, cardio is still recommended according to Adrian. I do not know his surname but he is the author of 36 Pounds and by simply reading his articles, it seems like this author does not make me a fool.

To him, “NO NEED for skinny guys to do a lot of cardio. But no need to abandon it totally. Do it few times a week (I’d do 3 times a week, 15-20 minutes on off days increasing the intensity over a period of time). No need for high intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprints, etc.”

Benefits of Cardio:

1. Improved recovery
2. Appetite
3. Maintaining some conditioning and work capacity
4. Improved Calorie Partitioning
5. Keeps the fat burning pathways active

* * *

You know what I am thinking now. I better start changing my new “cardioless” lifestyle and hop on the stationary bicycle three times a week after my work.

Cardio, I am officially back!

One thought on “Cardio for the Skinny You

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