Thank You For The Broken Heart

This was my story. This was it.

Everything I know about love I learned from you, from you | And everything I know about pain I learned from you, from you | You were my only, You were my first | You showed me lonely, and you took me in when I was hurt | But the most important thing you ever gave me was the one that hurt the most

So thank you for the broken heart, oh yeah | And thank you for the permanent scar | Cause if it wasn’t for you | I might forget, how it feels to let go | And how it feels to get a brand new start | So thank you for the broken heart. (Lyrics Freak)

I Want To Have Pecs Like Parker Cote!

Photo Courtesy of: Parker Cote Fitness

I want to have pecs like Parker Cote but I’m way, way too far from the truth. Parker Cote is a top international fitness model who owns a fitness studio in Boston. Take a good look at his studio online, google it now and it’s a real cool thing. Its overall feel feels warm and inviting.

Sadly, wishing to look like him is a delusional dream, which will never come true. Never. Ever. I’m an ectomorph and yeah, that really sucks.

Unless of course I’m a wheelchair tennis pro with a professional trainer and nutritionist, half of my body will look like him.

Yet, to those who are able and has the unbreakable dedication to have pecs like Parker Cote (as pictured on the right), simply follow these Chest Exercises made and prepared exclusively for men.

It’s time to forget all your excuses and follow what you see on a daily basis. Consistency is the key to getting ripped. Or, if it feels boring to look at the pictures, click the link and play the full body workout video by Tyler Lough.

tyler gym ra
Photo Courtesy of: Gymra Fitness

Who’s Tyler? He’s your fitness model instructor from GymRa (as pictured on the left). Good news is, his workout video is easy to follow, is guaranteed great visible results and it only lasts for an hour.

If you’re curious, it’s divided into four parts. Stretching, strength enhancement, core enhancement and more stretching.

As final words, get ripped and look good like Parker Cote or Tyler. You’ll have great pecs envied by hundreds of men, myself included.

Whether you want the former or the latter, it’s the same. You’ll look good. You’ll feel healthy and confident. Lastly, women will pay for your first concert just to see you shirtless, right?

Important reminder and I’m dead serious: Just get laid with protection, especially if it’s only a one-night stand.

Sex is a good thing. It’s a physiological need (Ask Abraham Maslow, he knows) but if done excessively or get addicted with it, I swear. You’ll end up six feet under.

June 2015 #SURVIVORDEAN Top 5

No one cares about this countdown except me.

5. See You Again by: Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

It’s been a long day without you my friend | And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again | We’ve come a long way from where we began | Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again | When I see you again (Metro Lyrics)

4. Infinity by: Mariah Carey

Close the door | Lose the key | Leave my heart on the mat for me |
I was yours eternally | There’s an end to infinity (AZ Lyrics)

3. Fool’s Gold by: Jill Scott

I was living the dream believing things that just ain’t true | Oh, I can’t believe I ever believed in you | You had me chasing fool’s gold | I was chasing fool’s gold | I was chasing fool’s gold (AZ Lyrics)

2. Love Me Back by: Kenny Lattimore

You can love me back, | Love, love, love me back | As much as you want, baby | Love, love, love me back | All night long, girl | Love, love, love me back | I know that you will love me | Love, love, love me back (Lyrics on Top)

(1) Coffee by: Miguel ft. Wale

I wish I could paint our love | These moments and vibrant hues | Wordplay turns into gun play | And gun play turns into pillow talk | And pillow talk turns into sweet dreams | Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning (AZ Lyrics)