#Survivor Insights 277: Winners At War – Lessons of The Story

Episode 7: Intelligence is power. Intelligence is self-awareness. Everyone is intimidated with your level of intelligence.

My Early Favorites: Yul (Winner of season 13) and Parvati (Winner of season 16) were sent to Edge of Extinction

Yul Kwon, 45, California

Episode 6: No type of negotiation can save you if everyone is against your game. You either go big with a plan or not, you can still lose.

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Survivor40 - Parvati Shallow
Parvati Shallow, 37, California
Survivor40 - Sandra Diaz-Twine
Sandra Diaz-Twine, 45, Florida

Photos Courtesy of: CBS

#Survivor Insights 276: Winners At War – Lessons of The Story

Episode 5: Dictatorship implies absolute power. In any situation, this control annoys and angers the people. There is no need of dictatorship to coerce someone and follow you.

My Early Favorites: All safe!

Survivor40 - Boston Rob
Rob Mariano, 44, Florida

Episode 4: No one wants to be with a dictator. Sometimes, fear is the reason why someone dictates what you should do.

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Survivor 40 - Tyson
Tyson Apostol, 40, Arizona

Photos Courtesy of: CBS