SURVIVOR Insights 165: SJDS – Where Did Jeremy Go Wrong? (Episode 9)

Episode 9: 9.85 Million Viewers

There were no major flaws in Jeremy’s game. He played a clear-cut controlled game that could have helped him get into the Final 4. He got the numbers since Episode 1, the tribe switch in Episode 5 never troubled him and he escaped the hot seat in Episode 8 by winning the second individual immunity challenge against Josh.

jeremy eliminated in survivor san juan del sur

So, why did Jeremy become the second member of the jury? Below are the possible reasons:

Reason 1: Unnecessary Move Results to Failure. Jeremy’s alliance began to break when he asked Jon about the hidden immunity necklace. It’s completely an unnecessary move. It’s clear these two men don’t trust each other well. They’re former Hunahpu members, yes. Jon saved Baylor instead of Josh, yes – but it doesn’t mean Jon would be 100% loyal to Jeremy. Therefore, why bother ask if instinctively Jeremy knew Jon found it?

Reason 2: Unnecessary Move Results to Paranoia. As a result of the confrontation between Jon and Jeremy, Jon immediately felt threatened. He felt Jeremy attempted to ambush his kingdom. That’s why; before things went downhill for him, Jon protected himself by forming a new circle of alliance (Missy, Baylor, Reed and of course, Jaclyn) to stop Jeremy.

Reason 3: Defense Is The Best Offense. Jeremy might have forgotten to include this rule in his game plan. It looked like his main strategy was to attack without controlling the errors. Truth is; it’s hard to blame Jon for blindsiding Jeremy. Jon chose to play defensively and that’s the right strategy at that moment.

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SURVIVOR Insights 164: SJDS – Where Did Josh Go Wrong? (Episode 8)

Episode 8: 9.51 Million Viewers

Josh played a memorable game for Blood vs. Water 2 even if he wasn’t the alpha male nor the social schemer of the season. He managed to sit right in the middle for six consecutive episodes before someone found a way to overpower his authority. By one deciding vote, Josh became the first jury member for the following reasons:

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Josh

Reason 1: No Protection. Josh needed to win the immunity necklace for this episode. He only needed to answer one question correctly and he’s safe. However, things got unpredictable. Jeremy outplayed him in a memory challenge.

Reason 2: Triple Threat. Apart from the male alliance, every one perceived Josh as a threat. He’s a fan of the show. He’s socially-likable. Lastly, he thinks and talks intelligently. With his superb ability to plan and convert the plan into action, he might even win.

Reason 3: Breakable Relationship. Josh worked hard to secure the support of Jon and Jaclyn. He almost made it. The biggest problem was, almost means not enough.

Jaclyn changed her mind after all the “chauvinism” drama in the camp. She followed her instinct and switched her loyalty to Jeremy, Missy, Baylor and Natalie. Josh’s hope for survival immediately disappeared because Jon, as expected, would follow what Jaclyn wanted.

Reason 4: One Vote Failure. Jaclyn was clearly sitting in the power position because of her boyfriend, Jon. They’re inseparable and strategic-wise, they’re threats. In Episode 5 and 6, they’re the reason why Kelley was eliminated followed by her dad, Dale.

That’s why, until now, I don’t understand why Josh hadn’t realized that it only take one vote to separate the couple. It might have worked should he, Reed, Keith, Wes, Alec and someone from the other side blindsided Jaclyn. No one would have an idea it’s coming.

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SURVIVOR Insights 163: SJDS – Where Did Julie Go Wrong? (Episode 7)

Episode 7: 9.31 Million Viewers

The edit gave Julie a good amount of airtime for which I remembered her as this season’s Angelina Jolie. The camera loved her both in camp and in challenges. The second episode was her best moment. It’s when she outplayed her popular boyfriend (John Rocker) in “Parallel Universe.”

Julie Left Survivor SJDS

Julie proved at that time she’s not only a hot chick but she’s a competitive hot chick with brains. Post-Episode 2, I couldn’t figure out how I would remember Julie. What’s her strategic game? She already made the merge but why did she quit?

Reason 1: Enough Is Enough. Julie got to talk with Jeff Probst before declaring her decision to quit. This conversation made me realize Julie needed a space. The space for herself,  in which no one could neither judge nor stereotype her. Sadly, even those moments away from Huyopa tribe weren’t enough. She had enough and all she needed to do – swallow her pride and left the game for good.

Reason 2: No Reason To Continue. A survivor who still wants to play and win won’t do anything foolish to destroy her reputation. Julie did the otherwise. I observed she wasn’t playing the game anymore when she kept the trail mix inside her bag. All her enthusiasm disappeared. She considered quitting but she couldn’t admit to herself she wanted to quit.

Reason 3: Not Enough Motivation. I assumed Julie understood what she signed for. She signed for a game that’s filled with strangers in an environment that offered no comfort. Missy tried to cheer Julie up but the expected result failed. Nothing happened. Even it’s confusing, I get the idea somehow.

At some points in the game, depression gets inevitable especially if it requires not only to survive Mother Nature but also to outwit, outplay and outlast people with different abilities and unique personalities.

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SURVIVOR Insights 162: SJDS – Where Did The Father & Daughter Go Wrong (Episodes 5 & 6)

Episode 5: 9.11 Million Viewers

It’s difficult to write something about Kelley when the edit only showed bits and pieces of her. In Episode 4, Drew perceived her as a social threat, maybe yes, but it might have been better if these bits and pieces of airtime revealed a Kelley who was an active strategist and not only as an under-the-radar supporting character of the story. As I see it, Kelley was eliminated for the following reasons:

The New Coyopa Tribe in Survivor San Juan Del Sur

Reason 1: Tribe Swap. Kelley became a new member of the Coyopa tribe along with her dad and two other pairs (Jon & Jaclyn, Missy & Baylor) plus Keith. The switch negatively changed Kelley’s game considering her original alliance was left at Hunahpu’s. She tried to build a new alliance with Jon and Jaclyn but it failed. Kelley was a threat in Jaclyn’s game. Jaclyn took a calculated risk and chose to side with Missy and Baylor to vote Kelley out.

Reason 2: Hopeless. Sometimes, things were out of control even how you try. That’s how I summarized Kelley’s overall game. She tried to save herself. She understood the possibilities and made a number of things happen. The new numbers, however, were against her. She allowed Jon and Jaclyn to destroy her kingdom before she could destroy theirs.

Episode 6: 9.07 Million Viewers

Indeed, this was the first Blood vs. Water season in which a pair was eliminated in back-to-back episodes. Dale failed to recover and was voted out before the merge.

Reason 1: Inflexible. Dale played an inflexible strategic game. He continued to make deals with people who eliminated her daughter. I was confused why. Perhaps, Dale felt he couldn’t trust Missy and Baylor at all and would rather assume he could change Jon’s mind.

Reason 2: Fake Idol = Failure. The strategy of having immunity idol was already overused. It won’t worked anymore. It’s a bad lie too. I remembered even Russel Hantz never used the strategy to save himself way back in Heroes vs. Villains.

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