Ana Ivanovic: She’s in my Dreams!

The tournament was held here in Davao City, Philippines. My best friend and his long-not-forgotten crush were playing mixed doubles. I couldn’t see who their partners are, all I know is they were playing high quality tennis and whoa, my best friend’s crush got some great footwork. My best friend tried to equal her play but he couldn’t really go through it.

The score was 4-4 in the first set and both of them were already nervous. Seems like my best friend was winning because of his Andy Roddick’s serves and Roger Federer’s dropshots. But his crush managed to control the mental pressure and began to forward her game to full force. These teams were exchanging powerful aces, great volleys and drop shots and wow, it was my best friend’s crush who sealed a victory in the set at 6-4. I didn’t know why there’s no second set. Perhaps, the organizers changed the rules.

ana-ivanovic-33Forwarding to the next scene, I was sitting alone in a bench listening to another opening ceremony. The president of the tennis club was having a speech. Out of nowhere, Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic sat beside me and both smiled at me and say, “Hi.”

I was like experiencing a mild respiratory problem that moment due to shock and excitement. Ana was stunning as ever and I wanted to embrace her immediately. This is the big moment, a once in a lifetime, I’ll hug her but I couldn’t. JJ was sitting next to her right.

The moment was coming slow… fading….. and gone…. Then, I realized it’s all my dream. I got up, wondering why it has to be a dream. I wanted to sleep again but I don’t feel sleepy anymore.

I decided to turn on my computer and immediately researched the meaning of my dream online and here’s what I got:

Dream Interpretation:

1) To dream that you are playing tennis, represents changes or challenges in your life.

2) You need to actively assert yourself or prove yourself time and time again.

3) Alternatively, playing or watching tennis indicates that you are unable to commit to a situation or decision. You are literally going back and forth between two choices.

4) Since one of the score in tennis is denoted as “love”, then the game of tennis may be a metaphor for a romantic relationship or a courtship.

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