SurvivorDean Best Five (June – July 2011)

5) Someone to Love Me – Mary J. Blige ft. P. Diddy and Lil’ Wayne

MJB is coming back and she is coming back with a bomb, with the help of P. Diddy & Lil’ Wayne. Listen to this song and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I just couldn’t get it why there must be a word “Naked” in the title. If you are going to look for someone to love you, is there a need to stripped all your clothes off? Explain it to me.

4) Down on Me – Jeremih ft. 50 Cent

Stayed at the top of my hitlist for two months, it’s time for its reign to end as “Down on Me” steps down three spots. This will surely be a strong contender in my 2011 year-end countdown.

3) Collard Green & Cornbread – Fantasia Barrino

The moment Fantasia performed Collard Green & Cornbread on American Idol, I automatically knew it got the different flavor I’m looking for in a song. Yes, it’s a love song but Fantasia puts something so unique in the line which makes this song so special too.

2) The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

What makes this Pop/R&B song funny is its ear-grabbing lyrics that’s stringed with moderate reggae beat. Bruno Mars digs this and it seems he’s enjoying “how to dougie.” I am somehow blaming this song for becoming a lazy idiot who just want to lie in his bed and playing Wii during weekends (kidding).

(1) Sure Thing – Miguel

Watch the video below and you’ll know why this song is simple and plain but dope! “Sure Thing” marks Miguel’s first number-one hit on the R&B/Hip-Hop Billboardchart and is his most successful single to date (Wikipedia).”

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