Ryan Reynolds Bulking Diet Routine

ryan reynolds deadpool

“I learned that 80% of building muscle is diet. We got the food down to a science, making sure I was getting enough calories to gain mass, but not fat… Lots of protein, but plenty of carbs, too. I really don’t believe in that no-carb stuff. It’s probably not good for you–and it makes you pretty cranky.”

Those are the words of Ryan Reynolds, the Hollywood Actor who portrayed DeadPool in X-Men The Origins: Wolverine. What’s great about is, the moment I knew he was an ectomorph, I immediately researched his “gaining weight” diet and workout routine. Here it is:


  • 2 eggs
  • spoon of almond butter or slice of avocado
  • 1 cup of oatmeal with applesauce

Mid-morning snack

  • protein bar


  • albacore tuna wrap or chicken and salad

Mid-afternoon snack

  • protein shake (whey and water)
  • protein bar
  • apple and almonds


  • broiled fish or chicken
  • brown rice
  • vegetables
  • salad

Evening Snack

  • protein shake

***Tons of water throughout the day

Workout Routine

ripped ryan reynolds

“If you hate your workout, you’re not going to do it. Customize your fitness plan to meet your needs. It’s “meditative” to do ab exercises first instead of last.”

  • Workouts were about 2-3 hours
  • Generally starting off with sit-ups
  • Heavy weights for muscle bulk
  • Cut cardio entirely and just focused on bulking up
  • Reps of about 8-12 for 6 days a week
  • Work one body part per day: Chest day, Back day, Shoulder day, Leg day, with arms mixed in.

Information & Photos:
Six Pack Now: Ryan Reynolds

3 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Bulking Diet Routine

  1. Love him better like this than the boy-next-door-ish look I’ve seen in most of his movies. I didn’t notice his bulk (or atleast not as bulky as in this photo) on X-Men Origins though.. His “The Proposal” was a kick-ass by the way..^_^


  2. Hi Dane,

    Thanks for commenting. While reading his bulking techniques, it motivates me to do same thing. His gaining methods might not 100% work for me but it still helps.

    Before I forget, I haven’t watch “The Proposal” and I am planning to watch it this weekend.


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