Survivor Insights 119: One World, Two Tribes (Pilot Episode)

THE GOOD: Survivor is back, at last, and this time around with no redemption. Once you’re out, you’re done. End of story. The only trickiest thing here is creating alliances can be so complicated now that eighteen of them are living on the same beach. Yes – Alicia and Matt quickly made a little circle of their own. Alicia quickly sealed an agreement by words with Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea while Matt invited Michael, Jay and Bill on his side. These looked like a good group of four but will this bond lasts? The answer remains uncertain. It’s just three days in and the collision of personalities are still about to come. I expect more drama. I’m also preparing myself for more complicated series of events. The more complicated the events are (Remember what happened in Heroes vs. Villains? Every episode in this season was complicated), the better it gets.

THE BAD: Matt was immediately the target – I knew it. I was second guessing it after reading his CBS Profile but the inevitable happened. I’m getting use to it though. It’s a consistent pattern that each time I picked first-impression bets, one of the four won’t make the merge (Candace in Tocantins, Marisa in Samoa, Yve in Nicaragua, Mikayla in South Pacific). Will it happen this season again?

It’s uncertain if Matt’s alliance stays loyal to him given the fact that he’s physically fit, smart and obviously a big target in individual challenges. He’ll stay for now. His strength is surely needed in challenges however, if Matt continues to think he’s always in control and “condescending” as what the other tribe puts in, his alliance will most likely cut his throat.

WHO STANDS OUT?: This is a pilot episode in which most names are given a fair amount of airtime. The camera loves Alicia. The edit shows how fast and precise Chelsea is in catching two chickens. Matt airs out his feelings in confessionals. But the stand-out player of all is Colton. He’s clearly sitting in his luckiest position right now. Matt’s alliance wanted him to snoop while the Salani women were accepting him with open arms. Sabrina even gave the hidden idol to him. She instructed Colton to vote out the strongest member of his team once the right moment comes. As expected, Colton targeted Matt.

THE UNLUCKIEST: Accidents happen all the time. It’s inevitable. It’s beyond anyone’s control but I never thought this would be the cause of  Kourtney’s exit. In one of the shortest immunity challenges I’ve seen in history, Kourtney’s wrist was broken. The challenge was unexpectedly stopped, a medic was called and just like that, her x-ray results revealed she needed to leave the game for surgery.

EPISODE RATING: 8 of 10 stars. It was not the best pilot but a quite memorable one.

Photo courtesy of: CBS

17 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 119: One World, Two Tribes (Pilot Episode)

  1. I thought it was a good first episode. The whole injury thing made it go a little flat, but it looks good. I don’t really agree with much you said about Matt. I think only the women and Colton are upset with him right now. And I don’t think his alliance is going to be scared of him during individual immunity considering they are all strong guys.

    The best thing the guys can do is cut Colton out quickly… he’s already making friends with all the women and he clearly doesn’t care about being part of the guys. However, since he has an idol I think he’ll be around for a while. The girls look like a mess so I think the guys will win a lot of challenges

    The whole immunity idol thing is kind of starting to piss me off. I hate the fact that people just find them. They need to fix this


  2. In one season didn’t they have the idols on exile island or something? I like that idea. Have the idols on different islands and have some sort of way of determining who gets to the island… one from each tribe


  3. Dean I don’t think Matt is anything to worry about..He is the Villainas far as I am concerned cutting loose to fast in first show lol Colton is just a prissy guy and smart people will see thru him and I hope Sabrina wrings his neck and I don’t think he is gonna be loyal to anybody as strong as he makes it seem..But gay men are loved by most women cast assessment hit the nail on the head about alot of these players. I actually surprisedmyself this time around lol I like Monica and hope to continue likting her for quite awhile..I truly hope to see some female alliances change and I would love to see Monica and Chelsea hook up on this show inzan thing is nothing but an alliance to die for lol..The tarzan Troyzan thing is just epic..Survivor always has a bunch who have a gimmick of some sort because Troy will not put up with Surgeon Greg I feel that strongly..The old man will not last and if he does it will BLOW my mind in this game..Hated to see Kourtney go so soon because I like unique and different personalities..She was Likeable and I like people who show themselves as their real selves ya know!!! HEr goodbye showed what she is a mother who cares what her son thinks of herand I love that strongly about her but she’s gone history! Leif the little guy is something fun to watch for a change and he is strong as a iron horse! I will be watching him and hope he goes far in game…yeppers there are lots of beauties and hunks but I alredy have favorites which are Chelsea, Monica, Sabrina, Kim and Lief and that could change ya kiddo from GLO!


  4. @Mike It could be an old but an intriguing idea – one world and an exile island. I’m wondering why they didn’t give it a green signal. Two tribes of eighteen people in one camp is a crowd and loyalties could be tested if someone, one or two members, is away.


  5. @GloriaQuery While reading her profile, I immediately found Kourtney so interesting. She could have been my female bet if I had to choose a third. Sadly, she became unlucky and just a snap, everything easily fell apart. Chelsea is kinda likeable, loyal, nothing really special about her profile but she’s a bigger threat than Kim. I considered her this season’s dark horse should she make the merge. As for the men, Jay is probably the dark horse than Leif. Leif is a big stand-out and everyone can see him as a big competitor for the title while Jay can sit back and if he flies under the radar, no one will harm him.


  6. Thank goodness we don’t have any uptight righteous bible-thumpers on this year. Last year’s season – Coach’s Jesuit Revival, was hard to watch, what with the memories of Jonestown still floating about in my head. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a total waste. Seeing that young Hantz boy struggling between the good book and his masturbatory fantasies of all the girls was something for the ages.



  7. Great blog Dean! My thoughts are that the stronger personalities will clash and clash early. The quieter ones or the ones we least expect to go far will imo go deeper in. My feeling is we need to watch out for Alicia and Sabrina. They are both smart and competitive. Those two I am sure will rein Colton in and target the stronger men. This should be a great season to watch as far as the psycho-social part pf the game goes which is what I myself am looking forward to. Far as Matt goes if the guys are smart they would exploit the holes in Salani and keep playing the psychological edge they are using now. We’ll see what happens as the coming weeks go. Great premiere!


  8. @thetimchannel I also dislike all those righteousness talks. I still don’t get why some people to be so good when they are playing the most cut-throat game in the world.

    @BrendaPorter Between Alicia and Sabrina, I want Alicia to last longer. She has a stronger personality and it’s really a Good TV watching her.


  9. Total disappointment to see a medical evacuation off the bat. This episode definitely creates a lot of tension, and I’m expecting a lot of action and scrambling in the next weeks.

    Looks like some of my guesses might actually come true. Alicia is indeed the main black widow, and Colton is indeed on the good side of the girls.

    Alicia managed to catch Christina in a messy net. The question is, will she succeed in devouring Christina before she breaks free and strikes back? It really depends on where Christina stands with the girls, something the edit didn’t show yet. My bet, next Salani tribal, adios Christina.

    As for Colton, he is only targeted by Matt’s alliance. The edit didn’t show his position with other guys. Cirie appeared in a position that bad in her very 1st episode, and managed to take out her most physical tribe-mate without any need for an idol. I’m expecting Colton to do something similar.

    Something Stephen mentioned in his pre-show blog, and I’m starting to smell it right now, is a Tarzan VS Troyzan rivalry. I’m gonna have to see some more Manono dynamics with them before placing a bet on who lasts longer, but I’m sure it’s gonna be epic.


  10. Sad to see the hot hippie chick go so early! I read where she has CANCER and her wrist/arm is still not right. She’s had to have it reset a couple times.

    Also this from my blog:

    There’s no old people this season. It’s apparently”One World – Logan’s Run” edition.



  11. Great episode overall, but not my favorite. I think the overall performance of this pilot episode could have gone WAY better if not for Kourtney’s injury. I mean, we fans would have loved to have both teams fight it out til the end and anyone who had immunity would have truly deserved it. But I can understand why the guys decided that way.

    As for the characters, I can’t stand Alicia. She’s obnoxious, which is why I’m kind surprised you pick her as favorite. I will make a bold prediction that she won’t win – she does not think before she opens her mouth. Matt, I don’t think he’s in danger, too. I think it’s just editing making it more dramatic, esp with the Colton thing – which is another interesting thing.

    I’ll drop by more comments when I can think of something else. There’s just way too many things that happened that I can discuss here. lol


  12. Thanks for commenting @Abby. It’s a been a while since your last comment here and I’m glad you made it this time.

    It’s clear why those men decided not to continue the challenge. Whether it’s a good or an unfair decision, they still made a smart decision for the group. I sense they immediately remembered what happened in Survivor Amazon. They realized how good those girls in balancing.

    You might be right about Matt. Perhaps, it’s just the editing. Or maybe, the editing was right too. His days are probably numbered if he continues to belittle the people around him.


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