Survivor Insights 124: One World – Tikiano

Episode 6:

Colton was forced to leave the camp due to appendicitis. He needed surgery so was Alicia. Alicia needed to restitch her game board to save herself. With Jonas as the new ring leader in the camp, he targeted Alicia. Alicia, apart from being obnoxious, needed to be ousted to cripple the five-women-alliance that was created in Day 1.

Luckily, Alicia was saved by an unexpected announcement during the Tribal Council. The New Manono and New Salani were merged. All twelve of them were going to live in one beach.

Episode 7:

WHO STANDS OUT: This was the episode for Troyzan! First, he was the reason why his group won the pizza reward. The puzzle portion was the most important and certainly the most challenging part of the challenge. Even if he’s against with the two smartest members of the other group (Tarzan and Jonas), Troyzan handled the pressure to his advantage and finished the puzzle before the other two would.

Troyzan woke up early the next day and by staying patient, he found the hidden idol in a large hole of a tree. It was awesome, right? If Kim was the most powerful woman in camp, Troyzan was her King. He could now protect himself when he needed to.

Though Troyzan was up for more.

He was  not done yet. He remained fearless but needed to work harder to win the First Individual Immunity Challenge.

Clearly, Troyzan was serious in playing the game. There’s too much hunger in him. He could certainly be the sole survivor should his alliance don’t recognize how powerful his game was.

THE UNLUCKIEST: Being “likeable” was always a threat. This was the reason why the tribe has to let Jonas go. He was not as physically competitive as Troyzan and not as threatening as Matt but should he stayed for more days, he could easily convince others to trust him without them knowing it.

THE GOOD: Alicia was in a good position now that Jonas was gone. Also, it looked like she was back in her alliance of five with Kim, Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina. If she’s the most unlikeable member of Tikiano, it does only mean she’s one of the most ideal persons to keep until the final three. Another good moment of this episode was, of course, the opening intro. Survivor Fans All Over The World, myself included, yearned for it and it’s really great to have it back!

THE BAD: I could not read Michael. He was competitive in challenges but at camp, it looked like he was playing both sides. It’s clear he was not part of Kim’s inner alliance with Jay and Troyzan. Truth was – Michael was not part of any alliance. Competing in challenges was the only part of the game he’s excelling at and how many Immunity Challenges he needed to win to save himself?

Episode Rating: This “merged episode” was filled with drama which I’ve never expected. Troyzan became the King, Tarzan got a hard time adjusting with his tribemates and Chelsea got irritated for the first time. 8 of 10 stars!

Photos and video courtesy of: CBS, Survivor Earth

2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 124: One World – Tikiano

  1. This next episode is going to determine the rest of the game. It’s going to be interesting to see if it is guys versus girls. I really hope it isn’t. I don’t feel there is much strategy going on in this game. And I’m not sure if there was any the entire game. Everyone just kind of be going with the flow and taking out the easy target. I want to see a big move. I don’t believe there was been any blindsides this season, which is also disappointing. I’m rooting for Troyzan as of right now. Also, I missed on whether or not Troyzan reviled his idol to anyone. I hope he didn’t, I never like when people do it or do it because the person is their friend.


    • @MikeCif It depends on how a situation goes. I also don’t like this sharing-of-information strategy but the strategy worked for many. In HvH, Parvati revealed her hidden idol to Danielle but the revelation didn’t harm her game at all. She used the secret to her full advantage and it was in fact one of the bravest move in the game. Even R. Hantz didn’t see it coming.

      But you’re right to some points, using your hidden idol only to get numbers like Colton did was a dull strategy. I couldn’t understand why an idol could be so powerful and convince others to like you. Whatever the case be, an idol can only protect the person who found it. Some players may have forgotten what happened to Edgardo in Fiji. Edgardo’s fate in the game must taught these new players a lesson that it’s still possible to be blindsided even if someone decided to play the hidden idol.

      For sure, we’ll see another slice of idol drama tomorrow. I just hope Kim will be perfectly safe.


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