Survivor Insights 70: Survivor Nicaragua- First Impression Favorites

Here in the Philippines, Survivor Nicaragua (This is the 21st season of the most popular reality-competition show on Earth) premieres on September 16, 2010 on Solar TV at 9 PM. Twenty new castaways divided into young (La Flor) and old (Espada) will be outwitting, outplaying and outlasting each other to win the coveted title of sole survivor and one million dollars.

If you ask me, this is quite a risky formula considering the production team considers a new timeslot since 2000 and a new nice twist that can change the course of the entire game. For the past ten years, I am already conditioned to sit at my throne while eyes glued on the tube during Friday nights (my time). Change is change and you know what, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it does not matter to me anymore. As long as I am alive and kicking, I will watch Mark Burnett’s SURVIVOR and that routine cannot be broken by anything or anyone.

No questions ask.

To get into the details of writing this post, I choose my early impression bets before the pilot tomorrow and I have decided to pick one man and one woman in each tribe to make the selection fair and square.


Ben Henry (24)

Originally, I have picked Chase Rice for this spot but it appears Ben gives more depth in his response when asked “Why you think you will be the sole survivor?” His answer: “Because if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you get paid good!”

The only thing that bugs me while reading Ben’s profile is the word controlling when he has given the chance to describe himself. When you are in control of this game, you don’t win except if you’re Richard Hatch or Parvati Shallow. This is a taboo term for SURVIVOR yet if Ben, in any case, has used “controlling” covertly and would continue to take risky chances, he would be fine.

Alina Wilson (23)

The huge reason why I picked Alina is her fire to win SURVIVOR. She is an art student and described herself as creative and sweet.

These are two powerful qualities and it would be enough to outwit her competitors if Alina would sprinkle it with the right amount of competitiveness. Should she failed, Kelly Shin might took her place.


Marty Piombo (48)

Changing my first impression bet the last minute and that decision has to be Marty. You’re questioning me why,

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:

I’m a mix of Boston Rob and Russell. They are relentless, clever, devious and will do anything to win. I’ll play the game in a similar fashion.

I assume you already know my reasons, right?

Still, it can’t be denied being too powerful has its own downsides. Boston Rob and Russel Hantz were two of the most conniving competitors in SURVIVOR History who never won this game even once. To rewrite the history in his favor, Marty could use his charismatic and funny personality to stay on track.

Yve Rojas (41)

The one nice thing about Yves is she slightly gets annoyed when she was not acknowledged once she speaks. I don’t know why that becomes an annoyance.

She could certainly use this strategy to fly under the radar until she reaches the top. The similar strategy was used by her two SURVIVOR contestants she likes the most: Bob Crawley and Danni Boatwright.

By keeping her emotions in check and be in her physical healthy state, this could be the right formula for the title.

Intelligence + Athleticism + Generosity = YVE

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12 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 70: Survivor Nicaragua- First Impression Favorites

  1. I was surprised you pick Alina. I don’t find her profile that impressive. I’d rather go for Kelly B or Brenda, those two can be really fierce competitors. But especially Brenda since it has been a loooong while that we’ve seen a young, pretty girl that can be really competitive and still do well at camp.

    I still think Chase is better than Ben, because Ben seems too pretty to play rugged. It could easily be his attitude that made him say that about himself, but it does not have to exactly apply on his gameplay. But who knows, we’d just have to wait and see since it is still only the first episode.

    As for Yve, I think she’s a dark horse too. And Marty, you got that one right! I think he is someone who is willing to play this game in every way possible, which means that if it requires for him to play dirty, then there’s nothing that would stop him from doing so. My bold prediction right now is that he’d make it in at least top 6 or 7 if the Older tribe does well early on in the tribal competition.


  2. I could be wrong about Ben. I am not closing my doors on him,though. He could be tougher than he looks! hehe. Or was I just swayed over to Chase because of Jeff’s very impressive assessment of him? Right now, I am still rooting for the underdogs, the older tribe as group since I don’t really have a favorite, individually speaking.

    Right now, my bets are Brenda, Chase, Kelly B, Marty, Yve, and Tyrone.


  3. I assume you already know the answers because you regularly read spoilers, lol. Just keep that to yourself.

    If either Ben or Alina won’t make it into the merge, I would go with Chase and Kelly S or Kelly B. Kelly B has a huge target on her back now and I am not certain if someone on her tribe will keep her.


  4. Kelly S? What kind of Survivor fan are you? Haha. True survivor fans root for the competitive ones? This girl does not even make an impression nor will she stand out, competitively speaking. Hahah! Or are you crushing on her?


  5. We don’t know. We shall see. While reading her profile, I am dissatisfied with her answers. The reason why I shift to Alina. Maybe, this is her strategy and she’ll use it to outlast everyone. I am not sure and I am doubtful.


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