Survivor Insights 16: Booking A Valentines Date at Tocantins

Next week will be valentines day and like what expected, boys and girls will hunt for someone for a dinner in a fancy restaurant. But for those singles out there, we’ll celebrate valentines day with the new sixteen castaways in Survivor Tocantins.

Probst was right. When I read their profiles one by one and word for word, I seem to realize Survivor Tocantins has a lot of great and charismatic characters to offer. In an early survey in CBS, the audience picked Tyson Apostol, the 29-year-old cyclist, as their first impression favorite.

But it will be a different story to me. Picking a favorite this early is too risky. Just like what happen in Gabon, I picked four castaways as my first impressions month ago before the season premiere and only Matty Whitmore, the personal trainer, made it to the jury. Disappointing, eh?

Perhaps, that’s the reason why I am still addicted to Survivor. The events are not always what I wanted to unfold. And for this, I am now choosing my first impression bets. Geez, this is tougher than making a wishlist for Christmas, lol

First on the list is,

The beautiful brunnette-haired gal of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Her name: Erin Lobedell, aged 26 and she works as a hairstylist.

What Jeff Probst say about her: “I’m on the fence on. She’s got to make a first impression….that is: ‘I’m a worker’. Right away. ‘Cause otherwise, I think you look at her and you might judge her as a pretty girl who’s gonna fade early. So that would be my advice: ‘pick up the heaviest thing you can and start walking’.”


The smart and been labeled as the cut-throat player of the season. None other than, Stephen Fishbach of NYC, aged 29 and he is a corporate consultant.

Jeff Probst says:

“Stephen is going to have a big job to integrate well. There’s a feeling on this season of ‘young…kind of hip’. And Stephen’s a little outside of that. He’s a little more of an intellect. And if he can use those skills in the right way, I think he could do really well.”

My third will be:

The Cattle Farmer of Samson, Alabama— JT. His real complete name is James Thomas, Jr. and he got a positive feedback from Jeff Probst.

“JT (James) Likeable kid. Runs a ranch. He knows what hard work is. I think JT is OK being by himself, which is also good out here ’cause there’s a lot of lonely nights. I think JT’s gonna get flirted with…and probably do some heavy flirting himself.”

The fourth and last spot is a tight race between Sydney Wheeler and Candace Smith.


Sydney works as a model from San Diego and she’s only 24 while Candace is a lawyer, works also as a model and in her early thirties.

What Jeff Probst say about them:

For Sydney: “Beautiful. People are gonna judge Sydney. Because typically on Survivor, if you really pay attention, the hot blonde woman fades every single time. Sydney needs to break that cycle. ‘Cause otherwise they’ll keep her around to look at and she’ll be low on the totem pole and alliance and she’s be middle of the pack…maybe Jury. And you’ll forget whatever her name was…the girl from San Diego who was really cute.”

For Candace: “Candace is unfortunately on a season in which there are a lot of likeable strong people. And she may fall victim to not being as strong. I think the heat and the bugs might get to her. What Candace will have to do though is show people that ‘I am a warrior and not a princess’.”

It’s hard to say who’s the better player. Just the best girl wins between these two!!!

Alright then, that wraps up my list and right now, I can feel the chills… feeling that this season may be a blast!

That’s a date… February 13 here in the Philippines.

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