Survivor Insights 126: One World – All By Himself (Episode 10)

THE GOOD: This episode was mainly about Troyzan vs. Kim. Troyzan got the brawn and the smarts of an “ideal” sole survivor. He could also plan a strategy and he’s undeniably competitive in challenges. Although everyone wanted to him out, he still won an Immunity Challenge when he needed the most. On the other hand, there’s Kim – who also got the intelligence of a “deserving” sole survivor. She’s also competitive in challenges. The only big advantage that Kim has and that Troyzan couldn’t have was the numbers. The original all-women alliance in Salani stayed loyal with Kim. The bond was unbreakable and from the very first episode, the execution of all their plans was faultless. Only one question is left in the open, for how long will it lasts?

The answers to that question might be provided in the next episode. For now, simply answer the poll.

WHO STANDS OUT?: It’s between Troyzan and Kim.  If Toyzan dominated the Immunity Challenge, Kim emerged as the biggest and the luckiest winner in Reward Auction Challenge. For only $280 of $500, Kim won the shower with shampoo, soap and toothbrush ($40), chocolate and peanut butter ($240) and a hand-full share of cake that Kat won.

THE UNLUCKIEST: It’s a given fact Leif is the ever-first midget to join a very competitive social game like SURVIVOR. Leif was immediately a stand-out the first few minutes the pilot was aired. However, on a strategic point-of-view, Leif played a passive game. There were a number of episodes that I quite forgot his presence. The way I see it, what’s lacking in Leif’s game was his tendency to quickly submit himself with what others were saying against him than be assertive with what he really thought and felt.

Before exiting the game however, Leif’s biggest moment was when he was competing against Chelsea in last week‘s immunity challenge. Chelsea only outsmarted him; that’s why she won. Should Leif didn’t give in to her negotiation, he could have won the challenge.

THE BAD: Leif was sacrificed. It was not neither a blindside nor an unexpected vote. For Leif, it was his bad night for the reason that things were not in his control. The all-women-alliance was only left with no choice but to let him or Tarzan go.

EPISODE RATING: 7 out of 10 stars!

Photos courtesy of: CBS

7 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 126: One World – All By Himself (Episode 10)

  1. It’s amazing to me how Christina, Alicia, Tarzan, and Leif didn’t get on Troyzans side. It is very obvious that the other four girls are in an alliance. Troy presented it well, it’s crazy to see how they don’t jump sides. This season has a lot of idiots on. Christina, Leif, Alicia, and Tarzan are the idiots, so is Kat but at least she isn’t down in the numbers. Jay was also one of those idiots. Kim and Troyzan are playing great games. I hope Troy pulls it out because the women are very arrogant. I hated when they were trying to make Troy seem like the bad guy.


  2. @MikeCif Perhaps, idiot is not the right term to describe the game of Christina, Leif, Alicia, Tarzan and Jay. The term “idiot” seems too strong. It could be better if we’ll just say they were making poor decisions. Two or three people you mentioned were playing a passive game while the rest of them decided to be followers rather than leaders.

    Alicia has a superb game at the start of this game. She’s annoying to some people but to me, she’s a complete entertainment. I dislike her decision to side with Colton during the switch but she tried her best to be back on board and join Kim’s circle. I could tell the bond between Alicia and Kim was not as strong as what we’ve seen in the first three episodes. The bond can still be broken – I just don’t know who’ll destroy the bridge first.

    Christina surprises me. She’s a target long before the merge started but until now, she’s still there. Her strategic game is clearly not as powerful as Kim or Troyzan but she’s making little steps forward by being a “follower.” It might be true to say she’s also riding someone’s coattails yet, I’m not sure who that coattail she’s riding with.


  3. Well, it just seems they are all along for the ride. None of them are trying to do anything to put themselves farther in the game. I wouldn’t say they are riding coattails just becuase they don’t really have an alligence to one person. They mainly just go where the majority is. However, what none of them realize is that they can be the majority. At this point none of them would make it farther then five… they seem to be willing to settle with the picking order and hope Kim changes her mind on who she wants to sit next to. I guess I wouldn’t want to lump Alicia into that group. She definitely has her own mind and opinion and isn’t going to be okay with fifth place. However, Tarzan, Leif, and Christina seem to be okay with that… just disappointing


  4. @Mike Cif Sometimes, when no “overt” strategy that works for you – it’s best to simply go with the majority. This is not an impressive strategy at all, it’s even bad to see it on TV, but if it works to your benefit then do it. Some survivors in the past did this strategy and ended up winning the game. Sandra was one in Heroes vs Villains, Amber was second in All-Stars and Natalie in Survivor Samoa.


  5. Clearly. It’s like James and Parvati all over again. As much as I like Troyzan, I don’t think it was wise of him to be so over vocal… I’m definitely rooting for Kim in this.

    And I gotta say, Tarzan and Christina were fools for not taking Troyzan’s offer. They’re gonna see it the hard way unless they wise up and pull something crazy.


  6. I don’t think going with the majority benefits any of them. And how is this like James and Parvait? Maybe because there was an all girl alliance, but James didn’t really do much to stay in the game


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