Survivor Insights 128: Who’ll Win Survivor One World (Episode 13)

For the first time in history, five women made it to the final five. Three of them were in tight but breakable alliance while the other two played a zigzag social game to last longer. The five of them joined hands to eliminate the last and oldest member of Manono (Tarzan) and anyone could say it’s clearly the easiest vote yet. Now, one question is left unanswered, who will be the new sole survivor in two days?

Will it be Alicia? Alicia has said it. She believed she’s the queen of social game. Her strategy relies on finding numbers and there’s no denying it, Alicia got it right. In pilot, Alicia was the one who started a women alliance of five. She got separated from them in a short while – but it didn’t destroyed her game at all. Alicia is still standing tall and by winning this week’s Immunity Challenge, Alicia must have realized Survivor is not entirely a social game. Should she make the final three, she needs more than a social game to earn jury’s trust and respect. It won’t be an easy task. WINNING CHANCES: 43 -67

Will it be Kim? I’m rooting for her no matter what – so, I’ll keep this short. There are only two reasons why Kim can’t win. One, if she gets blindsided. Two, if the jury remains bitter (assuming she’s in the final three). WINNING CHANCES: 51 – 49

Will it be Sabrina? The strategic side of Sabrina is declining the merge. I don’t see her as a power player but more of loyal follower. However, Sabrina might be Kim’s biggest competition. She can probably give the jury loads of “good” reasons why Kim shouldn’t win. WINNING CHANCES: 45 – 55

Will it be Chelsea? Chelsea is too likeable and should Kim ignored the possibility of getting rid of her, she’s an easy choice for the title (assuming she’s in the final three and the jury remains bitter towards Kim). WINNING CHANCES: 55 – 45

Will it be Christina? Christina is the luckiest of the five. She’s not a part of their alliance and she’s voting on her own. However, no one attempted to vote against her. Can her luck continues until the final three? WINNING CHANCES: 40 – 60

Photo courtesy of: CBS

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