Survivor Insights 120: One World – Young But Inexperienced (Episode 2)

THE GOOD: Using their strength and intelligence, Manono dominates back-to-back challenges. Their unbelievable speed to untie the knots in a big mess of ropes help them win the first-ever but Probst-less Reward Challenge since its last airing in Survivor Nicaragua. Before the challenge started, I thought females do excel more in games that require dexterity because “females are more manually dextrous so they are given all the fiddly jobs such as working in textile or sewing factories (” However, one type of experiment is proved inconsistent with the other and as for the challenge I witnessed yesterday, the men could be easily in their best position to untie the ropes due to their bigger fingers. The thickness of the ropes were helpful too. It’s easier for the men to grab and pull it.

During the immunity challenge, it’s clear that the men got everything right than the females. Their strategy was not the best though. They heavily rely on being extra cautious while passing their tribemate on the beam. The women have the better and certainly the easiest strategy for the game. However, it was put into action when the time is running out. Things are just too late and they still lost.

THE BAD: What’s happening with Colton? This episode has showed us that he choose to alienate himself. There’s a bigger problem in the situation if he finds it hard to identify himself with his tribe just because he’s gay. It’s not his sexuality that creates the problem at all but it’s his inability to reach out to them. Strategically, Colton can be in a safer position when he’s with the men. There’s already a five-way alliance in Salani and it seems impossible for Colton to break the bond.

It’s a great decision for him to pick himself up and think strategy. He makes use of his hidden immunity idol to magnet others and create a circle of his own. I dislike his idea of planning to vote out Matt or Michael. Matt and Michael are one of my first-impression bets to stay longer. I could end up with no bets in the final three without them. Though, forget me about being bias, it’s still a smart move for Colton, Jonas, Leif and Troy to get rid of the threatening villain of the season.

It’s intriguing what will happen in Manono’s first Tribal Council. Will Tarzan be the swing vote? Which side will he choose?

WHO STANDS OUT?: I said it all in the first two paragraphs. The Manono tribe owns this episode. They are invincible in three challenges in a row. There’s only one thing to worry about. I’ve observed in the past seasons that the tribe who always wins in the first two or three challenges (Samburu in Season 3, Sook Jai in Season 5, Galu in Season 19, Zapatera in Season 22) will suffer a losing streak in the end. Will this be Manono’s fate too?

THE UNLUCKIEST: Salani was completely annihilated in this episode and Kat remains to be the unluckiest in the bunch. She maybe young and athletic yet just like what Nina said she did not control her nerves when it mattered the most. Kat was not performing at her best during the Immunity Challenge, making things even more complicated.

IMPORTANT REALIZATION: It’s not a big requirement to have the right amount of outdoor experiences when playing SURVIVOR. Not all sole survivors look athletic and fit, right?

EPISODE RATING: 8 of 10 stars! Nina deserves a chance to stay than Kat. Nina was clearly digging deeper before the voting whereas Kat was only saved by her alliance. She must be thankful that her alliance still choose to be loyal with the numbers over anything else.

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 120: One World – Young But Inexperienced (Episode 2)

  1. Colton alienated himself from the guys and is now doing it with the girls. He was lucky that he got an immunity idol, which ultimately gives him the most power in the game. Even though Colton recruited some of the other guys I don’t know if they will be willing to get rid of Matt or Mike, especially if they lose this next challenge.

    I don’t think the men will suffer a large losing streak in the end. Mainly because I feel there will be some sort of tribe switch up. In seasons with a twist like this there is usually a switch before the merge. I think that will happen in two episodes.

    If I was in the alliance with Kat I would have kept her. I feel its important to win, but also have a strong alliance. Kat doesn’t strike me as some one who would jump over to a different alliance. Nina is someone who is more in tune with the strategy part of the game and can pose a threat. However, if I was in the alliance I may have rethought Alicia being in it. It’s always tough making an alliance on the first day because you don’t anyone. Alicia is someone who starts fights for no reason and always thinks she’s right. If I kept her in my alliance she would be the fifth person in it. However, I would attempt to bring in Monica, again she doesn’t seem like some one who would flip or be aware of her position among the alliance. Back to getting rid of Kat, though she was bad I don’t they would have won with out her. Plenty of the girls were messing up by grabing each other.


  2. @Mike If a switch takes place in two episodes, I got a feeling it’s either a big advantage or a big mess for one or two of my bets.

    As for the Salani tribe of keeping Kat, it’s a smart decision to keep her. An alliance is an alliance no matter how you look at it and no matter what the situation is, it’s good or bad, you still need to be loyal with your alliance.


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