SURVIVOR Insights 163: SJDS – Where Did Julie Go Wrong? (Episode 7)

Episode 7: 9.31 Million Viewers

The edit gave Julie a good amount of airtime for which I remembered her as this season’s Angelina Jolie. The camera loved her both in camp and in challenges. The second episode was her best moment. It’s when she outplayed her popular boyfriend (John Rocker) in “Parallel Universe.”

Julie Left Survivor SJDS

Julie proved at that time she’s not only a hot chick but she’s a competitive hot chick with brains. Post-Episode 2, I couldn’t figure out how I would remember Julie. What’s her strategic game? She already made the merge but why did she quit?

Reason 1: Enough Is Enough. Julie got to talk with Jeff Probst before declaring her decision to quit. This conversation made me realize Julie needed a space. The space for herself,  in which no one could neither judge nor stereotype her. Sadly, even those moments away from Huyopa tribe weren’t enough. She had enough and all she needed to do – swallow her pride and left the game for good.

Reason 2: No Reason To Continue. A survivor who still wants to play and win won’t do anything foolish to destroy her reputation. Julie did the otherwise. I observed she wasn’t playing the game anymore when she kept the trail mix inside her bag. All her enthusiasm disappeared. She considered quitting but she couldn’t admit to herself she wanted to quit.

Reason 3: Not Enough Motivation. I assumed Julie understood what she signed for. She signed for a game that’s filled with strangers in an environment that offered no comfort. Missy tried to cheer Julie up but the expected result failed. Nothing happened. Even it’s confusing, I get the idea somehow.

At some points in the game, depression gets inevitable especially if it requires not only to survive Mother Nature but also to outwit, outplay and outlast people with different abilities and unique personalities.

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