Survivor Insights 35: Frustrated!

It’s confirmed! Survivor Samoa will not be aired in the Philippine Local Channels. Studio 23 no longer has the rights, so is CS. Now, QTV will not air it and I’m not sure what’s the big reason behind. GMA 7 has already brought Survivor Gabon and Survivor Tocantins and now, they will just ax the nineteenth  season without formal notice to the loyal televiewers.

I visited YouTube and I found this unofficial SURVIVOR SAMOA INTRO. Geez, I already have my early picks. I just don’t have the energy to blog.

Here are the two tribes,

Survivor: Samoa – Meet The Cast

The firsts of the first in SURVIVOR SAMOA.

First Reward Challenge

First Immunity Challenge

Then I’m screwed. I visited just now and I found Marisa Calihan from Foa Foa was voted out.

Marisa was one of my first-impression-picks before this season premieres and it’s hard to believe Marissa received seven votes against her during the Tribal Council (Ashley, Ben, Jaison, Liz, Mike, Natalie, and Russel H.) Marisa, Mick ans Betsy voted for Ashley.  –First Tribal Council

RUSSELL H played the role of a puppet master of the season. Just like Randy in SURVIVOR GABON, he claimed to be the the smartass castway of all time. INTERESTING!

“If I can control how they feel, I can control how they think.  I’m really a multi-millionaire.  I own an oil company in Houston.  I’m not here for the money.  I’m only here to show people how easy it is to win this game.  I’m the worst one to trust out here.  I should be the first one to go, but I’m going to do everything it takes to win this game”

But there’s still the Galu Tribe and there’s still interesting characters there. While reading their profiles, Monica and Erik stood out from the rest. Dave has same birthdate like me and John, just like in SURVIVOR AMAZON, is a rocket scientist.


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