How to Boost your Confidence to Stay Productive

confidence-coaching-picWhat is Confidence?

This is the one word we all need to understand. Wikipedia generally defines confidence as a “state of being certain…that a chosen course of action is best or most effective.” Confidence, in layman’s language, drives us to reflect on how to do things.

For example, in playing tennis, you need to level up your confidence to win tournaments. If you regularly think you’re a subpar athlete, then winning a match will be difficult.

If professional tennis athletes need confidence then you also need it. Sad to say, several people today experience low-level confidence. They find it hard to act productively. They evaluate their skills and abilities in an off-putting way. There are also those people with high-level confidence. Highly confident people are often misinterpreted. Because they act with an air of superiority, they regularly appear arrogant to most people.

Confidence and OverConfidence

There is a significant difference between confidence and overconfidence. A person with a healthy level of confidence understands the countless consequences of his actions, may it be good or bad. A healthy level of confidence doesn’t mean you’re infallible. Confident persons commit mistakes, but they don’t allow these mistakes to hold them back.

Overconfidence is a different thing. In all cases, overconfidence means excessive belief in one’s self. People with overconfidence don’t mull over the margin of failures. They may easily get frustrated or disappointed when things bug them. They look at the world as if it’s a cradle of perfection.

Confidence and Self-esteem

All people can have low, average and high confidence levels, yet it doesn’t mean their self-esteem follows through it. Self-esteem or self-worth is defined as the level of respect you reward to yourself. Being too hard on yourself is one of the numerous ways to assess yourself, if you’re having poor self-esteem. It’s possible to say you’re a person with high confidence, but low in self-esteem, or you are high in self-esteem, but low in confidence.

For example, a man, Aries, works as a yoga instructor. He’s earning well. His clients are satisfied with his services. The only problem is that Aries is a negative thinker. He teaches his clients the techniques to love themselves, but he is not applying those same techniques himself.

In this example, Aries shows productiveness in his work. His level of confidence is average. Other people trust him to make them feel good. The only problem is he’s giving himself a hard time. His self-esteem bugs him for some unknown reasons. A yoga instructor is expected to behave confidently and optimistically. If Aries can’t juggle confidence and self-esteem in the right way, how can he live happily?

How to boost your confidence

Whether or not you spend most of your time at work or playing sports, boosting your confidence is more important. Never say it’s too impossible to raise your confidence because you only earn 10K a month or you’re only seed 20th in the tennis world.

•    Achieving a Healthy Level of Confidence in Personally:

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Gain weight if you are skinny.
  3. Lose weight if you are overweight.
  4. Have an attractive physique.
  5. Be open to others’ suggestions and advices.
  6. Think positive but weight also the negatives.
  7. Control what you feel.

•  Achieving a Healthy Level of Confidence at Work requires you to:

  1. Choose a job that enhances your skills and abilities.
  2. Challenge yourself to achieve your attainable goals and dreams.
  3. Stop procrastination.
  4. Stay professional inside your office.
  5. Level up your standards of performance and achievement.
  6. Ask help, read books and listen to professional advices if you are not an expert of something.
  7. Do your hobbies in a regular basis. If you find a job that matches your hobbies, that’s even better.
  8. Plan projects that are efficient.
This Tennis Babe needs to be confident while playing tennis
This Tennis Babe (Ana Ivanovic) needs to be confident while playing tennis

•Achieving a Healthy Level of Confidence at Sports (specifically tennis) requires to:

  1. Discipline yourself to eating and training routines.
  2. Swallow your ego. Do what your coach says. If you have some productive suggestions, air it out in a subtle way.
  3. Lower your expectations during the game. Open yourself up to the possibility of losing, but keep on working on your methods for success.
  4. Play a match one a time, especially in tennis where matches are played in tournaments. Thinking ahead adds stress in your game and affects your concentration.
  5. Play aggressively while controlling your emotions.

C for Confidence

There’s no ideal formula for boosting your confidence. There are certain techniques that work for you, but not for others. Confidence is a choice.

Forget saying “I should be confident.” The word ‘should’ implies coercion and that makes it hard to get to your goal. Better say, “I can be confident.” The word ‘can’ indicates ability. No matter what the situation is, having the ability to perform something worthwhile results to healthy confidence.

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