Survivor Insights 41: Rain, Rain, Rain

Foa Foa was upset again in back to back challenges and Ashley was voted out.

Who Stood Out?

This episode was quite predictable. Galu was dominating again. All nine members were powerful. Each one of them was doing their own thing to win a challenge.

During the Reward “Gross Food” Challenge, Galu was in fire. They were clearly winning.

Brett was in a bit screwed up with his smoothie against Mick, who drank his smoothie like a thirsty dog but all went well for the Tee-shirt designer. Brett finished his smoothie and another point for Galu.

What Monica did during this challenge was unbelievable. She was not complaining anything. She just drank the “sea urchin” smoothie and done, no puking or whatsoever. This law student was making a statement. Her confidence level was going up as this competition went on.

Unluckily, it was Ashley who brought her tribe down. The “sea slug” smoothie was all too much for her and she could not continue.

But, I was wondering why I did not saw Erik drank a smoothie. Russel S did not sit him out. What went wrong with the editing?

The Immunity Challenge

Russel H and Liz held the basket for Foa Foa and Russel S and Laura for Galu. Before this challenge started, I was already in doubts why Foa Foa chose Russel H for the basket. Russel H was physically strong and he did good but do you think Foa Foa had their chances if they went for Mick or Jaison instead?

Much appreciation for Liz though. She held the basket longer than Russel H. She was clearly having the better arms that time.

Personally, the one name that played this challenge with an ace was John. It was raining hard. They were all wet but John was still in the aggressive position when making his shots.

Ashley did not make a single shot though (based on the editing).

Who to Watch Out?

Rain poured hard in Samoa. It was hard to believe no one wanted to quit. Hooray for them!

But watch out for Shambo. She was pissed for not joining the meat reward after the gross food challenge. Shambo did something great during the challenge and she deserved the reward. However, Shambo chose to be away from the tribe from the very beginning.

Russel S could see that and this was probably one of the reasons why he picked Shambo to visit the other camp. Or, was he threatened by Shambo’s presence?

Ashley’s RNO Interview


Tara and Echo, both ex-Korror members, were ousted one after the other in Tribal Council and became the second and third member of the jury, respectively.

Tara accepted the defeat with no traces of enthusiasm at all. She talked and she cursed like it was all about life and death.

I salute Echo. Although this twist was one of the moments where no one was expecting it, she still chose to accept the decision with an ease.

Echo played a great social game but in the game of SURVIVOR, no one was safe even you think the numbers was on your side.

Seven remaining, four ex-Airais (Shaun, Amanda, Jef and Mika) and three ex-Korrors (Charles, Suzuki and Justine). The three men were in alliance but it was not 100% solid. Shaun was now in the position to roll the game in his hands.

Anything could happen.

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