Usher, Alicia Keys: Coming out with their NEW ALBUMS

Five years ago, they created a song (My Boo) that has been my best duo single of all time and now, and WIKIPEDIA confirms it folks,

Usher and Alicia Keys are set to release their new studio albums this December 2009. Alicia Keys opens the month with The Element of Freedom.

“I eliminated all of the boundaries and all the limitations, so that you can feel your freedom and express your freedom in every way you possibly can.” Alicia said.

Right now, her debut single “Doesn’t Mean Anything” is at my track list and I am playing it all the time.


At last, he’s really back after a year of waiting.

Usher’s sixth studio album is called Raymond VS Raymond and comes out on the eighth of December. Its debut single entitled “Papers” says it all. I could say I am not 100% into this song but man, all about this song is good.

Usher goes deep, he is letting his emotions flow naturally and he is giving me sets of emotions to feel when a relationships comes to an end. This is what “Papers” is all about.

Usher and Alicia Keys, these two complete me. Their songs are the reason why I am alive and still smiling. With their release of their new “award-winning” masterpieces, this will be a Merry, Merry Christmas to me.

I will not be surprised if I just found myself right at the middle of a music bar and go home holding two discs all at once.

Mark your calendars, folks. No excuses this time!

2 thoughts on “Usher, Alicia Keys: Coming out with their NEW ALBUMS

  1. For those people who are reading this post, it is already confirmed by US Billboard dot com that the release dates of AK & Usher’s are moved to December 15 and 21 of 2009, respectively.

    Please support them and thanks for reading this post 🙂


  2. Just an update:

    The release date of Usher’s much-awaited sixth studio album (Raymond vs Raymond) has been moved again. According to Wikipedia, the album is expected to be released on March 1, 2010. I wonder what’s happening with Usher? Delaying an album is somewhat an indication of poor marketing and poor planning. Papers climbs down the R&B Billboard, from number 1, it’s now 4 (as of today). Hold on the excitement again!

    Alicia Keys already released her new album “ELEMENT OF FREEDOM” on Dec 15, 2009.


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