Survivor Insights 84: Survivor Nicaragua – The Swing Vote (Episode 13)

1) Blindside Benry: Blindsides are fun to watch. It adds a different twist in reality-competition shows. However, the blindside can be frustrating once the most deserving player to win is sitting in the jury’s box and not in the finale. Benry was voted out (sixth jury member) and SURVIVOR NICARAGUA has officially become the second time in which I got no pre-show bets in the final four.

If only Benry aced this week’s Immunity Challenge, every little thing would have turned in his way. Who knows? Another blindside could have happened and Sash or Jane went to Ponderosa. This never happened anyway. It’s only my imagination. The competition is called Survivor and having the numbers is important. This is the game’s first commandment and Benry has failed to accomplish that part, right?

Even Sandra’s “As-Long-As-It-Ain’t-Me” strategy did not work for him. Back in Pearl Islands and Heroes vs Villains, Sandra has thoroughly maneuvered that strategy in the right direction. Benry did not. The timing was kinda late and he’s going downhill instead of having little steps upward.

2) Just Right in the Middle: You might now realize how powerful a swing vote is. A swing vote is always valuable even if you own the hidden immunity idol. In the case of Sash, I don’t get it why he chose to be with Chase, Holly and Jane. Strategic-wise, it’s clear to me Sash had a plan for choosing to get rid of Benry even Chase looks more threatening in challenges. Sash knew he’ll easily beat the wishy-washy Chase in jury votes.

What confuses me though is there will be third person and this spot either goes to Holly or Jane. These two oldest members in camp are power players and sitting next to one of them means handing them the prize money.

3) The Wrong Choice: Emotions are always a part of Chase. I thought it could backfire him after choosing the wrong person (Jane over Sash) for the reward but it seems all things were put in the right order. The story goes on and Sash did not vote against him.

4) Fabio Deserves the Title: Six are left and it’s kinda unbelievable the numbers are even. Three ex-La Flor members (Chase, Fabio and Sash) while Holly, Jane and Dan are the ex-Espada. I am aware that the game has evolved into new heights and the young vs old was completely forgotten. Dan looks solid with Fabio and Holly-Jane is probably tied with Chase and Sash. The situation looks very predictable and at one glance, you can already pin-point who’s the seventh jury member.

Hopefully, things will change. Fabio deserves to win. His strategy coming into this game was kinda naive yet he still understands what the game in a nutshell. I know and he also knew it he’s only way out is to win two Immunity Challenges in a row to secure a seat in the Final Tribal Council on Day 39.

Episode Rating: You’ll love this episode if you’re rooting for Sash and you’ll get frustrated/disappointed if Benry was in your list of favorites to win this season. For that, I’ll give this episode 8 of 10 stars.

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9 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 84: Survivor Nicaragua – The Swing Vote (Episode 13)

  1. This episode just seemed to be too busy for nothing. Sash, Holly, Jane, and Chase all new they were going to vote for Fabio or Benry depending on who won immunity. Yet, the four got complicated giving Benry hope. It made no sense to me. Those three may have just lost a vote. When up 4 people to 3 theres no reason to lie. An episode of pointless strategy. I’m starting to not like Sash. It pains me to know he picked the side of the Jane, Holly, and Chase. I can’t stand chase or Jane.

    P.S. I watched Ponderosia for Benry and I hated how he hugged NaOnka and Kelly, especially NaOnka. If I got back I’d be upset not only that they quit but, that they’re still on the jury. I would have completely ignored them for at least a bit, especially NaOnka.


  2. I was too disappointed with Sash for choosing the wrong alliance. He even became too confident in a very wrong way for thinking he can still win the title over Jane or Holly. I was not sure if he’s kidding himself. Good for you Mike for watching Benry’s Ponderosa videos. I haven’t seen those because they are all blocked here at my side.


  3. I am not impressed with Sash’ strategical approach in this game, despite the fact that many would call him as this season’s strategist. I do agree that Chase made a wrong decision but what else is new? He always lets his emotion get the better of him sometimes. Fabio is in danger, but if he could survive the next vote then he could still go far. He has to do things on his own now since there is no solid alliance to fall back on, especially with Chase and Sash there.


  4. @ Abby Sash is this seasons strategist. Nobody comes close to him. I’m not impressed either. Fabio is in danger and I’m routing for him to make a move this week. I don’t like anyone else besides him, anymore. I was routing for Sash but, last week wasn’t cool. Fabio needs to win the rest of the immunities.


  5. Hi MIke,

    We’re on the same page. Fabio is the only one I’m rooting for to win. I don’t know why, but I think Sash being this season’s strategist is overrated. I don’t think he has done anything impressive, strategically speaking. It just so happened that he got marooned with a bunch of castaways who do not know how to play this game. I am counting on Fabio to win the next immunity, or else it would be tough to see him go next.


  6. I agree Abby. I think Sash hasn’t had great plays in the game. I felt the one who knew the game and had the best game was Marty, but he experienced bad luck when the first merge happened.


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