Survivor Insights 72: Survivor Nicaragua- Inferno Madness (Episode 2)

1) Tribal Council: La Flor’s very first tribal Council was an inferno madness. Web of personalities began to clash and selfish intentions started to surface. In one side, there was Shannon versus Chase. Jeff Probst popped a question then Shannon started to fall apart. He lose much control allowing his irrational subconscious to dictate. He was clearly digging his own grave by:

a) Blaming Chase for everything

This was already a sign that Shannon was ready to go. He knew it and he was only taking his time to knock-out somebody. It’s funny but Shannon could not blame Chase. If Chase decided to replace him with a hot chick like Brenda, that’s understandable. Chase also handled the situation well and as what other people say, with a class.

The Chase-Brenda combination could last longer and they could protect each other if they want to. Shannon-Chase? No this would be a disaster for sure.

b) Ignoring Jud’s advise to shut up

Shannon must still be thankful for Flavio for not voting against him.

c) Asking Matthew (called as Sash) if he was gay

On the other side: Shannon versus Sash. This is another Shannon’s biggest error for sure. Sexuality has nothing to do with SURVIVOR so the question he asked is irrelevant to what they’re discussing.

d) Crying out loud that New York is full of gay people

Finally, there’s Shannon versus NYC. One question for Shannon for this subject matter:

What’s the significant relationship between playing a survival game and the gay communities in New York in comparison with Louisiana? LOL

2) Holly Confessions: Holly was not Russel and Russel was not Holly. Therefore, it was fair for Holly to get crazy and showed some degree of remorse after. This was a good thing though but in this game, confessing something bad is truly bad. That means you would go home next.

3) Marty, Jill & the Hidden Immunity Idol: Jill was impressive. This was my first time seeing a moment where someone as analytical as Jill has solved the complicated clue of the hidden immunity idol. Her biggest error though was of all the people in the group, she relayed the message to Marty. Jill and Marty could be good partners but will it last?

Yes, no or maybe- We all know who Marty is. He would play this game without any boundaries unless there’s a change of heart, for Jill maybe?

4) Na Onka & Fabio: These two castaways have probably forgotten how to act as grown-ups. Their arguments were made for toddlers and that was purely absurd. But it’s still hard to deny Nay and Flavio could bring some entertaining drama, not just some hidden talks here and there.

5) The Reward/Immunity Challenge: I enjoyed this challenge. I miss those moments where these castaways get dirty just to win a challenge. Tyrone aced this one for Espada with the help of the other members of course… and the Medallion of Power. While in La Flor, Ben submitted to his nerves. Kelly B. was beyond impressive during this challenge. This woman is extraordinary. She’s already a SURVIVOR in her own rights and she’s playing this game superbly.

EPISODE RATING: 8  of 10 stars

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I have forgotten to mention the hottest momma in Nicaragua, Yve. So, here we go:

6 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 72: Survivor Nicaragua- Inferno Madness (Episode 2)

  1. It seems everyone is pulling a Russell Hantz by taking clothes or whatever. The difference is Russell did it out of strategy while these guys are doing it for no reason and aren’t even being sneaky about it.


  2. Russel Hantz is one of the most great strategists who played this game and it’s okay if others will copy his strategy. There’s nothing wrong with that because they could not exactly copy it just the way Russel played it, hehehe.

    Perhaps, you can enhance the strategies Russel has used when you’ll join this show.


  3. Agreed with everything you said. Me on the show? Not so sure about that especially if I played like Russell, I don’t think I would be good enough to get away with that


  4. You can when you can, Mike. To be the sole survivor, you simply need to be healthy physically and psychologically. Also, do not forget your own system to outwit, outplay and outlast the odds.

    If only I am only an American, I will be on the show for sure and my strategy will be … (it’s a secret) LOL


  5. Tamanna,

    I did some research and found out UK has also its own version of SURVIVOR last 2001. It’s broadcast by ITV Network but due to low ratings, the show was axed after two seasons.


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