Survivor Insights 71: Survivor Nicaragua (Pilot Episode)

1) The Medallion of Power: Another new season, another new twist before the game started- The Medallion of Power. Brenda found it but she has given it up in exchange of flint and other fishing tools. I thought this was really a bad idea at first. You need power to win SURVIVOR. Power may not be everything but if you’ll use it to take small steps at a time, you’ll go far.

Espada owned the Medallion of Power, so that means, they have a level-up advantage during the Immunity Challenge. Their decision not to use it was unusual. You are offered with something that can benefit ten people and all of a sudden, you would not take it. That’s quite vague.

The real winner of this immunity/reward challenge was not only La Flor, it’s alsoBrenda. I was impressed with what she said after the challenge. To paraphrase what she said, it goes like this: ‘Why think of tomorrow when you have the power and you’re competing now”

Brenda was absolutely correct and I am on her side in this. To win SURVIVOR, you need to think about what is the present situation. Thinking and daydreaming where you’ll be in 30th day would not help you if it’s still Day Number 3.  Play the game and grab the moment NOW and there would be no regrets.

2) Opening Introduction: Until now, I cannot stop asking why do the production needs to change the castaways’ real names. Matthew and Ben are basic names. These are not names that require you to mumble for several times. Perhaps, some people can associate Matthew and Ben (They changed the names to Sash and Benry, respectively) to some other castaways such as Matty (S16), Matthew (S6) or Benjamin “Coach” (S18). This is quite weird and sometimes, I am not in favor with this marketing technique.

To note, SURVIVOR has been changing the names many times in the past. (Robert to Bob, Jessica to Sugar, Danny to GC, Tamara to Taj, James to JT, Debra to Debbie etc.)

3) The La Flor Tribe: This was my first time to see a tribe with ten young members without something very special to talk about. Without Kelly Bruno’s courageous revelation, this tribe was quite empty. It was like you are expecting a bomb to explode and all you have seen was the expected.

To me, there are only three moments worth-remembering in La Flor:

A) Kelly Bruno and her huge target on her back

B) Judd was called Flavio for being funny and for being the dumb blond (as what Shannon said)

C) Chase made an alliance with Shannon and Brenda which could collapse anytime soon.

4) The Tribal Council: Espada was the first tribe in Tribal Council, that means, they got the big portion of editing.

Back at camp, three Espada members stood out: the two Jimmys and Marty. Almost one third of the editing was about Jimmy Johnson, the former NFL Coach. Everyone was talking about Jimmy that even the other Jimmy wanted him gone.

And here’s Marty! You can immediately say the man was into the game. Marty was not the dictator like I was expecting him to be while reading his profile. He was the good negotiator who has a good plan inside his head- the type of competitor that you can’t read what his next move is.

During the Tribal Council, Jimmy Johnson fired back by admitting to his entire group that he’s not the boss. Quite the unexpected, Jimmy Johnson received no votes. There’s a little mystery that even the cast-off, Wendy, voted for Yve instead of Jimmy.


2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 71: Survivor Nicaragua (Pilot Episode)

  1. maybe the producers ask the players if they have nicknames back home. If they do and the names are any good maybe the producers use that as their name, cause it’s the name people call them anyways.


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