Survivor Insights 73: Survivor Nicaragua- “I Got Hood, Not Ghetto.” (Episode 3)

1) The Tribe Has Spoken: The Former NFL Coach, Jimmy Johnson, was voted out. What does this mean for Espada? Who’ll replace his coaching position? To me, Jimmy J is irreplaceable. He was a big name in the show. The editing loves him too. He’s one of the castaways since Season 1 who has the power to bag the biggest scenes in three episodes, and to calculate it right, that’s three whole hours of SURVIVOR: The Jimmy Johnson Show.

For now, Farewell Jimmy J. and hopefully, another superstar will attempt the toughest and roughest test in seasons  22, 23, 24… …. … Just to satisfy the cravings of tennis fans all around the world, how about Pistol Pete or his fellow rivalry (Agassi) in the wild? That will be intriguing eh? Tennis stars without their fitness coaches and they are playing a game that requires them to outwit, outplay and outlast without the use of their deep groundstokes.

2) Arrogance & Ego: By revealing  the hidden idol to his tribe mates, Marty claimed himself as the season’s puppet master. The puppet master rules, he dictates and all in all, Marty accomplished it. This man was in his zone. He got Jill on his side and successfully played the “negotiating game” with Tyrone, Jimmy T and Dan.

Though there might some serious dangers ahead. If Marty continued to play aggressively, someone could overthrow his throne easily. It’s already written in history and only one puppet master has won SURVIVOR and that’s Richard Hatch. Boston Rob came a little bit short in All-Stars, Rob Cesternino has failed to win the most important immunity challenge in Amazon while Russel Hantz wasted all his chances in Samoa and Heroes vs Villains.

A huge part of Marty’s success was Jill. A strong and intelligent woman like Jill chose to be loyal with Marty and that’s kinda rare. Without frills, she just allowed Marty to decide who to get rid of without plans of backstabbing him. Folks, have you noticed some patterns here?

3) NaOnka versus Kelly B: La Flor became a stand-out tribe consisting of nine people because of NaOnka. If you’ll take her personally, you’ll surely get annoyed. But, once you have remembered what this game is all about and I’m sure Kelly B knew it too before booking a ticket to Nicaragua, Nay’s confessionals were pure entertainment to watch. She was just playing her game the way she wanted it and what can you do if she chose to be “in the hood and not in the ghetto,” which has to be the coolest line during the episode.

Kelly B would be fine. She knew the risks of playing this game and even NaOnka outbalanced her for a piece of clue, Kelly B could still whirl this game on her side by snaking inside the Minority Alliance of Five (Brenda, Chase, Purple Kelly, Sash and Nay).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

By the way, NaOnka and I had a short chat in Facebook and she explained to me these hood-and-ghetto-thing.

SurvivorDean: Hey Nay. I have one question, just a quick one. what does “i got hood not in the ghetto” mean?

NaOnka: Ghetto is where there are crack houses. Hoes walking the street, kids doing drugs & all that really craziness. Hood is when everybody is streeet, lots of street smarts. Hood people are fighters and strong head.

SurvivorDean: Hood people are fighters and strong head… just like me.

NaOnka: Then you have a little hood in you.

SurvivorDean: Yeah. Thanks Nay.

NaOnka: U R welcome.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

4) Ben’s Biggest Win: The editing has ignored Ben during the pilot episode but two episodes after, he has found  a way to redeem himself by winning the third immunity and reward challenge  for his tribe.

He superbly dominated. Tossing the sandbags onto the top of ten barrels was tough, especially when you’re 3-6 down against your opponents. This challenge requires a lot of precision and the timing of toss should also be accurate. What’s a lot more impressive was, Ben stayed 100% focus and patient, just keep tossing until he gets to the last barrel and won.

Without a doubt, this was certainly Ben’s biggest moment in SURVIVOR. His mighty way of saying “I ALSO DESERVE THE AIRTIME!”


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12 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 73: Survivor Nicaragua- “I Got Hood, Not Ghetto.” (Episode 3)

  1. Big question is if Marty can stay in control of the tribe and for the young ones if they lose what alliances may be formed and demolished. The last episode reminded me of Russell vs Rob. Marty wanted to cut the head off the tribe leader who everyone loved. Marty (who would be Russell) seems to be influenced by one person and thats Jill (his Parvati). Only Jimmy J said in interviews he had no clue Marty was after him.


  2. It’s unbelievable that Jimmy J was clueless about Marty’s plans and by admitting he’s the weakest in the group was also a big reason why he’s voted out. Coaches should have powerful instincts, right?


  3. Yea agreed but Jimmy also said in the interviews he wasn’t there to play the game. He just wanted to have the experience. Which could explain why he was clueless if he wasn’t thinking of the game.


  4. It is sad to see Coach Jimmy exit too early. But since Marty is one of my faves, I am going to let it pass and it was indeed a bold move. The analysis we read the other day was right in saying that it seems as though Marty is the only one from the Espada tribe playing the game, at least strategically speaking. He could end up as this season’s super villain but I like that he still has not lost his charisma, definitely a strong contender.

    I have to admit I was a bit partial at the beginning of this season, remember Vanuatu? It had a huge act to follow with Heroes v Villains, but it is standing its ground pretty well.

    As for Na’Onka, I don’t think she has any bit of strategy in the way she approaches this game. If she has, it’s just plain wrong. It is even worse than Russell’s! At least his was for sabotage, while Nay – she’s just digging her own grave. She might not be the next person to go since she belongs to that 5-person alliance, but we all know they’re just keeping her for numbers!! Got no game inside of her, all talk!


  5. Abby,

    You love Marty and you hate NaOnka? There is no difference. These two are both villains but to a different degree. Marty is the negotiator while NaOnka is the drama queen. Both of their their strategies can backfire in them if they would not control their egos. NaOnka can be the Shii Ann of this season and I am not 100% sure if Marty would be the Russel Hantz, except if Jill would remain loyal to him until the end. However, Jill is also powerful. She can down Marty anytime if she wants to. I don’t want that to happen but it is very possible, eh?


  6. Mike,

    Don’t buy what’s Jimmy Johnson is saying. Of course he was there to play the game but his strategy to give them his vote like Sandra did in HvV did not work. That strategy could have worked if he is not very popular.


  7. Yea I agree with that and what you said about to Abby I’m not so sure Jill can (if she wanted to) get rid of Marty just yet.


  8. Dean,

    Marty is no doubt the power player for his tribe, so far. I like that whoever he votes for is the one to go home. But, hopefully, he keeps his gameplay in check and does not get too cocky, for we know he has a tendency to become a bit too confident. But I like it even more because he knows how to play this game and he’s playing it to the hilt. Hopefully, Jill will remain loyal to him such that at least he has someone to watch his back, just in case his ego got the better of him.

    I don’t hate Na’Onka personally. I hate the fact that she’s gotten the opportunity to play this game and she’s wasting every minute of it. Like one review I read, she either goes home early and gets far into the game, because most people will bring her along to try and take her to the finals. I’d bet right now that everyone is eyeing on her as the perfect person to take to the final two since NO ONE would give her the million dollars.

    A prospected tribe mixup for epi 5 will certainly bring the game to a whole new level. I can’t wait!


  9. Abby,

    You said “Marty is no doubt the power player for his tribe, so far. I like that whoever he votes for is the one to go home” — Are you sure? How about if Marty will gun for Tyrone? I doubt if that happens but do you still want it?


  10. Dean:

    Haha. But if comes down to it, I would not mind. Marty is definitely a stronger player. I am not counting Tyrone’s strategic game for know because it is still tribe vs tribe. Tyrone will get his chance later on. But for now, I hope that does not happen and I am not seeing it happen until maybe come merge time.


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