Survivor Insights 105: South Pacific – Mr. Honesty (Episode 2)

1) Mr. Honesty – Why everyone is loyal to Coach? Coach made an alliance of five during the pilot, Brandon told him he’s the nephew of Russel Hantz (who voted Coach out in Heroes vs Villains), Edna closed a deal with him and Mikayla voted the same way as Coach, Albert and Brandon.

Geezy, Coach is in the most powerful position that even Brandon who had an immature argument to oust Mikayla followed his orders. Though, I do not know who exactly told Mikayla to vote against Cristine. The original plan was just to split the vote and once a re-vote is needed, the core six will vote off the one who does not have the hidden idol.

This is like Ometepe all over again. Coach is playing like Boston Rob. His strategic game is a lot better than what he did in Tocantins and HvH combined. Coach might not be the most all-round player who can dominate challenges. Ozzy is better at that department especially when it comes to individual challenges but here’s one thing I’m sure of – if Coach continues to play this way, his winning chances is high.

2) The 3 + 2 Alliance in Savii – It’s disappointing to see Jim is jumping into assumptions without considering what could be the bigger picture of the situation. He’s creating an alliance with Keith and Ozzy without knowing Keith and Ozzy were already solid with each other. When Jim started talking with Keith, I’m wondering how Ozzy and Keith will interpret his strategic game. Will the two men view Jim as a threat? Or are they going to see him as a valuable member in their small alliance? Who knows? These two will probably get rid of Jim before Cochran.

3) Ozzy Finds Hidden Idol – This is expected. I also predicted it. Ozzy is a great competitor and for the record, he’s a former finalist of this game the first time he played it. No one could eliminate him because Ozzy always wore the immunity necklace. Playing on a third time, Ozzy just made an alliance with Keith. This alliance looks solid, not sure how long. If these two men remains loyal with each other before the merge, both of them can have the entire tribe in their hands.

The big question is: Will Ozzy use the hidden idol to his advantage? How? Or will it remain an ego booster routine as he’s the first person of the season to find an idol without any clue?

4) A Big Comeback – This is the type of challenge in which you realize it’s not how you start a game that matters most, it’s how you finish it. Upolu’s consistency was on, winning the first part of the challenge immediately and just an inch closer to another victory. Then the moment of hesitation and their ability to complete a moving puzzle devoured them. That’s why; Savii scrambles to win and they finish the challenge the moment Upolu figured out what’s wrong with their puzzle. BIG COMEBACK WIN FOR SAVII!

5) Savii vs Uplou – This is the first duel since the Redemption Island that each member of same sex but not on the same tribe will fight for their lives. Will it be Semhar or Cristine?

My pick: Christine

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars – Dear CBS, Why not make SURVIVOR an hour-and-thirty-minute-long per episode?

Photo courtesy of: CBS

5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 105: South Pacific – Mr. Honesty (Episode 2)

  1. Coach is impressive as hell. He is running that team. He has definitely came in ready to win this time. He has control and it probably last. Brandon is probably still willing to defect from the main alliance and get Mikayla out, but i don’t see him getting enough votes to make that happen. I believe Mikayla voted for Christine because Coach told her to. Put four votes on the person with the idol (though she didn’t have it) and three on her BFF.

    The 3+2 alliance wasn’t thought up by Jim. He may have brought it up first, but Ozzy and Kieth were talking about bringing Jim in as a third before Jim said anything. However, Jim did come up with bringing the two girls in the alliance. It will be interesting, I like Jim, at one point those two girls will become more loyal to Jim or Ozzy/Kieth. I think Jim should have taken the second route. Which was not sitting at the cool kids table. He said himself that he is sitting at the cool kids table even though he isn’t cool. I thought it would have been smarter to get a main alliance going with Cochran, papa bear, and the other lady (forgot her name).

    I’m tired of the idols being at the camp. I want to see the idol at an exile island. And have some sort of skill way of choosing who gets to spend a night at exile. That would solve the problem of idols being found so easily.

    Overall I’m liking this season. Though it seems similar to last year the future of this season seems brighter. The new players are already thinking of strategy


    • Many of them are thinking of long-term strategies. This is the reason why I’m pissed with Brandon. Ousting Mikayla won’t benefit his tribe at all. He’s only thinking of no strategy and this is completely unacceptable when you’re playing SURVIVOR. Why he can’t behave like Albert? Albert and Mikayla are not in the same alliance but they are still close with each other.

      If Jim wants to be safe, he needs to change his plan immediately. Keith-Ozzy alliance is unbreakable and there’s no way he can let himself inside the circle. Ozzy will not allow him to control them. Ozzy sees himself as the leader and he will surely be.


  2. Brandon of course isn’t think strategy. He just wants what he wants. Ozzy sees himself as the leader, but I question how much power he has. Jim may have more power then you realize. Remember Ozzy wanted to keep Semhar while Jim didn’t. I think Jim and Ozzy will be battling for power at some point and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim won. Ozzy has always been more of an individual player and I don’t believe he’s changed that much considering he was already thinking of getting in bed with Semhar. Jim at this point is safe. He’s in what seems to be a strong alliance. He may have more swing on the girls and he definitely would have more swing when it comes down to Cochran


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