Survivor Insights 88: Redemption Island – First Impression Favorites

A year after Heroes vs Villains, Boston Rob is back for the fourth time so is Evil Russel on his third. Some viewers dislike this comeback and there are many questions revolving around the web.

  • What are their chances against the sixteen new castaways?
  • Can they still have staying power to get far?
  • Will they be the first ones eliminated?

All these questions are answered starting Wednesday (Thursday here in the Philippines, 10 PM on Jack TV) as Survivor opens an all-new and controversial season: The Redemption Island!

It is also confirmed that these castaways are divided into two tribes – Ometepe and Zapatera. Each tribe will compose of eight new castaways and until now, I still do not know to which tribe Rob & Russel belong.

One thing is for sure though: I will not root for either one of them. I am pretty sure one or both of them will stay until the merge and snake their way to the top.

Who Am I Rooting For?

For Ometepe

Twenty-one-year-old Andrea Boehlke is a student from Random Lake Wisconsin. Her personal claim to fame is paying her own education in college while making the Dean’s List every semester. The one good reason why I pick her and will probably go deep in the competition is her response when asked: “Who SURVIVOR Contestants You Are Most LikeShe chooses to become the mixture of JT and Parvati.

As the youngest female player in competition, Natalie Tenerelli wishes to become the FIRST YOUNGEST FEMALE SOLE SURVIVOR. Jeff Probst also thinks she might be the wildcard of the competition and this seems possible only if she consistently plays the game with a balance mixture of spontaneity, positivity and making use of her charm to fool others.

For Zapatera

There is no need for anyone to doubt the oozing confidence in David Murphy.  He is a defense attorney from West Hollywood, he appears to be “very” smart and he knows that he should play SURVIVOR just like he is in a courtroom. When asked if why he thinks he survives the game, he will use a non-static strategy to win is his response. Easy to say, yes, but it is intriguing to see how he keeps his swagger on when he’s already up and against a conniving veteran in his tribe.

Mike Chiesl is clearly a threat should he fail to use his experiences in Marine. He claims to have this ability to analyze people’s behavior but his outspoken personality can either help him get far or be the first person on Redemption Island.

9 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 88: Redemption Island – First Impression Favorites

  1. Yea I’m rooting for Natalie and Mike too. I think Natalie has a chance to go far even though she’s young because she’ll have an experienced player on her tribe. I think as long as Rob or Russel is around she’ll go far. I liked David too, but I think he thinks hes smarter than everyone else.


  2. It is expected of David to speak like a know-it-all. He works as a lawyer and he appears to be respecting himself too much. It is a risk to root for him and he could be blinsided before the merge. But if he immediately direct his game in the right direction and “bring himself to their level” as he said in the video, he’ll be safe.


  3. It’s too early to say who I would root for but Mike Chiesl seems to capture my attention since he reminds me of great Alpha males ( Tom, Savage and Terry ).


  4. Good choices. We have the same choices in the guys, but I have to add Matt in there too. He seems to be soft-spoken and does not annoy people easily, but is also a strong physical competitor. As for the girls, I like Andrea too and also Krista. I think both these girls could trick people into thinking they are not here to compete, until they realize too late that they have outplayed them.


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