Survivor Insights 97: Redemption Island: “Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me” (Episode 9)

One episode. Two tribal councils. Just like a puff, two of my bets went to Redemption Island. They will face Matt in a duel.

1) The Victims: Eliminating Mike and David were no surprise to me. I expected it. I was well-aware both of them are threats and they were outnumbered. But you know what irritated me most. Getting rid of them in back-to-back Tribal Councils was totally predictable. If not for immunity challenges and the paranoia drama around the camp, this episode created no impact and was not worth watching.

Things could have happened differently if only Matt voted against Grant in Episode 8. This was the one key moment that could have saved himself, Mike and David, right?

2) The Supreme Domination: The Ometepe 6 were strong because of Boston Rob. He controlled the way they make decisions. He could seem read what’s on their minds. He could easily take advantage of their ignorance. Did Andrea, Natalie, Ashley, Grant or Phillip think two of them can still win the title if Boston Rob will sit beside them? The answer is no. No one will probably vote for them. They only ride in Rob’s coattails and they allow Rob to control them, not the other way ’round. Last week, Natalie knocked down Mike. This week, Andrea won an individual immunity. This was quite an impressive achievement but I will be more impressed if they will make a stand.

Though, Natalie got an unbreakable bond with Rob. This alliance is sealed and even Ashley can break it. That’s why; Andrea might only the hope. It’s not still impossible for Andrea to stir this game in her hands. There still a chance; just not sure if she’ll take that risk of stopping Rob’s supreme domination.

3) The Delusional: If Phillip will win this season, it’s not because he acted as the specialist. It’s because Rob is taking him in the finals. He got no strategy since day one but to annoy his tribemates with his ambiguous reasoning.

Episode Rating: 5 of 10 stars

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12 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 97: Redemption Island: “Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me” (Episode 9)

  1. It’s Mike

    It’s amazing how Rob is in complete control. Can you believe because he told them not to eat the wish they didn’t!? No one is playing the endgame except for Rob. I can’t see Phillip winning this season. If he gets to the end he’ll be looking a jury that he pissed of more than anyone else.

    Zapateras lack of strategy bites them again. At tribal the point out Phillip as the low man in the alliance and then they bash him with no mercy. Don’t you need to try to swing his vote by sucking up to him!? Then, back at the camp they approach Phil and Andrea and just piss him off more.

    David again lost in a puzzle, so I think he overestimated himself. However, strategy wise I think he’s just too scared to try anything. Rob hasn’t shown up at all during the individual immunity challenges, he’s definitely let himself go since all-stars.

    At this pace it looks like it will be the Ometepe six at the end, but it can’t just continue that way can it? If it does at that point I expect the others to wake up and look at Rob as the threat, not like he’ll go anywhere Rob has Natalie and Phillip for now. I also feel like he has Andrea more than Ashley or Grant. Robs game is very similar to all-stars. He has each of them believing that they are the ones who will sit next to him in the finals and in the end Rob will get bit.


  2. If the Ometepe six will end up as the last six, that would be too disappointing. That will be like Survivor Thailand all over again. For six episodes in a row after the merged episode, I seemed to loss the appetite to watch because you just know who’ll be eliminated. I don’t want that season to happen again.

    Redemption Island is an important season of SURVIVOR and I don’t like it to be forgettable just because most of the castaways were too afraid to shake things up. For now, only Andrea and Boston Rob deserve the title. Nat is also my bet but she’s riding Rob coattails too much. Same story goes with Grant.


  3. I don’t know if anyone deserves to win besides Rob. I’m hoping someone tries to make a move next week. I don’t care if it fails, but maybe it will force Rob to use his idol or something. This is without a doubt riding coattails more than any other season I’ve seen. This season started off with such promise, but it just seems since Russell left it hasn’t been anything special.


  4. It’s getting very predictable because no one is stepping up against Boston Rob (or maybe not yet). I feel like it’s All Stars again. Natalie is Amber. Grant is Big Tom. Ashley is Jenna L. Phillip is Rupert.

    Rob is a very dangerous player because he will charm you then cut your throat.


  5. Great blog Dean! There really is not a lot of game going on here and I for one wish that someone would challenge authority and turn the game on it’s head. Can’t they see Rob’s domination gets them no where but a placement? I don’t think even Natalie is guaranteed anything. Personally I do feel that Redemption Island is gonna be a really big factor here soon and tho people are quick to discount Matt..he still has something to live down and I think the kid won’t be as naive or hopefully not. If not then someone there is definitely coming bakc in and will challenge Rob and I think they will pull it off. Rob is not guaranteed Finals I don’t think this season but I do believe that Phillip will make Finals..only because he has annoyed so many..few if any will cast a vote his way. GREAT BLOG!


  6. I think Natalie definitely wins if its Rob, Phillip and her. But if Andrea or Grant get in I think one of them will win. The way I see it Robs alliance will be upset because he didn’t bring them. I’m not sure if any of them see that Rob is dominating the game, or at least the people on Ometepe. However, i think they’re also fine with that, Phillip pretty much said he was.


  7. @MikeCif @Brenda @Mervin

    If everyone wants to bring Phillip in the final three, would that also mean he’s a threat? If he’ll be in the final three and no one votes for him, it won’t be a big deal considering he’ll still win more money and more airtime than others.


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