Are You An Addict?

Definition of Addiction

“Addiction is a catch-all term for a complex behavioral disorder. The most obvious symptom is that addicts reach a point where they cannot control their own actions. Even when they can see the harm, they continue the compulsive behavior. The inability to stop, more than any other attribute, marks addiction.”

Types of Addiction (Source: My Addiction)

1.) Alcohol Addiction

Definition: “Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is characterized by a persistent, habitual use of alcohol, even when the alcoholic is aware of the harm being done. This is different than alcohol abuse (drinks to get drunk).”

How to know if you’re an alcoholism?

“The chief characteristic of alcohol addiction in either model is excessive craving and an inability to abstain from alcohol. The form doesn’t matter. Alcoholics may prefer beer, wine, or any other intoxicating beverage – the common ingredient is alcohol. The craving to drink has been compared to that for food when starving or water when dehydrated.”

2.) Work Addiction

Definition: “Work addicts, better known as workaholics, are people who seem to be constantly either at work or involved in some aspect of the work they do for a living. Similar to the word ‘addiction’, the term ‘workaholic’ gets thrown around rather lightly, attached to anyone who someone perceives as working too much.”

Signs and Symptoms

a) approval-seeking

b) low self-esteem

c) control issues

d) authority issues

e) perfectionalism

f) escapism

g) preoccupation with work

h) lying

3.) Video Game Addiction

Definition: “…those who managed to spend entire days playing.”

Signs and Symptoms

  • “A person who spends money they cannot afford for virtual goods or memberships in a gaming community.
  • They develop relationships online with other gamers that trump real life relationships.
  • Gain or lose significant weight due to playing.
  • Play in inappropriate circumstance – at work or in lieu of taking a friend’s phone call.
  • Change regular sleep patterns to play – all-night binges.
  • Loss of interest in other activities that they once enjoyed.
  • An inability to see game playing as ‘just a game’ and tying in self worth to their success in a virtual world.”

4.) Smoking Addiction

Definition: “Smoking addiction includes cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco, although smoking cigarettes represents the most substantial problem within the smoking addiction.”

Why find it so hard to stop smoking?

a) “Ritualism: Smokers inevitably ritualize cigarettes, habitually twining them to their daily lives; to various activities (driving, work break) or to times of the day (first thing in the morning, after a meal).”

b) “Cravings: Nicotine provides artificial receptor stimulation in the brain, and the brain responds with dependence: it slows production of its own neurotransmitters and it ups the . When nicotine use stops, the brain is left with an excess of receptors that crave the sudden shortage of the artificial stimulant.”

c) “Associated Withdrawal Symptoms: The cessation of nicotine results in irritability, hostility, headaches, anxiety, depression, decreased heart rate, and an increased appetite, to name a few.”

5.) Internet Addiction

Signs and Symptoms

a) compulsive surfing

b) web dependency

c) inexplicable sadness or moodiness when not online

6.) Shopping Addiction

Definition: “For those who use shopping as a relief from stress, anxiety, and depression, it certainly seems so. Just like other addictions, excessive shopping can lead to job loss and financial ruin. And there is no doubt that a compulsive buying disorder can harm relationships and wreck families.”

7.) Pornography Addiction

Signs and Symptoms

a) “An inability to lessen use despite a desire to do so.”

b) “A great deal of time is spent in viewing pornography.”

c) “It substitutes for other activities that are important.”

d) “Use is continued despite the knowledge that it is sociologically harmful.”

8.) Sex Addiction

Definition: “Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts (Mark S. Gold, M.D).”

Signs and Symptoms

a) “Having sex with multiple and/or anonymous partners.”

b) “Engaging in chronic sexual activity with prostitutes and/or sex workers.”

c) “Masturbating excessively, even to the point of injury.”

d) “Habitually using pornographic materials and engaging in sexual objectification.”

e) “Having or desiring to have sex in response to some psychological issue such as stress or depression.”

f) “Improper pursuit or forcing – rape, pedophilia, or stalking might be the criminal outcome.”

g) “Compulsions to have sex in circumstances that are harmful or inappropriate, without regard for consequences.”

9.) Drug Addiction

Any person who takes drugs, prohibited or not, in excess is a drug addict. There are numerous “more specific” types of drug addiction and these are explained thoroughly in My

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