Survivor Insights 24: Wild Cards

“You rarely meet somebody who likes to talk about himself with such utterly long sentences with big words that are not factual.” -Brendan Synnott, RNO interview

Truly, this episode was not about the dragon and the dragon slayer as what Coach really wanted to believe. The fight was between The Entrepreneur VS The Professional Cyclist and it’s only in a roll of dice that Tyson stood as the better player.

The better player devoured the great strategist
The better player devoured the great strategist

Brendan was a great strategist. He’s also one the biggest threats in the game and he knew it. The main problem was he hadn’t maneuvered his strategies to the right direction. First, he hadn’t played his hidden immunity necklace when he already feel he’s in the chopping board during the merge. Yet, if Brendan played the idol, Sierra took the cut and I was not sure if it’s a good call or not.

Being too trusting- this was the second clear-cut mistake of Brendan. What the world thought of a powerful trans-alliance went from supremacy to futility. The change of heart to eliminate Coach instead of JT was a great call but putting his trust on JT after the reward challenge was in question. This strategy was like committing unforced errors in a tennis match.

Third mistake, Brendan’s persuasion skill was pretty flat. I knew he’s a successful entrepreneur in real life but it’s still a wonder why he didn’t immediately reconnect with Taj and Stephen the first minute they merge (????)

Perhaps, Brendan failed to remember the old but great strategy in SURVIVOR as what Richard Hatch did in Season 1 and Marcus Lehman in Gabon: Never wait, cement a solid-alliance ASAP!

But it can’t be denied that it’s entirely a different feeling when you’re out there. With the great hunger and the much paranoia you feel, you simply can’t pull the correct strategy to play. Brendan made it in the jury but still disappointing, the delusional dragon slayer was still there… lol

The Wild & The Cards

This episode was clearly one of the bests in history, 5 stars out of five. There were nice and sparkling moments in every scene. Plots & Schemes were still everywhere. JT made a courageous move in allying with Erinn.

The immunity challenge was undoubtedly a tight race. I saw this challenge before but I couldn’t clearly remember what season it was. If you remembered it, kindly write it in the comment area.

Tyson did it again, edging out Brendan and JT in a “twirling untie-the-knot challenge.”

With this win, Tyson emerged as the powerful threat now. I couldn’t clearly read what inside his mind but his blindside strategies + letting Coach think he was in control of the game were working. What I only didn’t like with Tyson was when he intentionally belittle Sierra 😦 That really sucks to hear…

Until now, I couldn’t still tell which side Erinn belongs. She was the only person in the wilds who survived without a clear-cut alliance. Geez, this was truly impressive but I felt scared for her. There’s nothing wrong with her under-the-radar social game. Danni Boatwright did it successfully in Season 11: Survivor Guatemala but for Erinn, she might need to sprinkle her game with some numbers on her side, probably with Sierra or Taj. Perhaps, all might be good for Erinn if she also sided with JT and Stephen.

Without only few fibers of doubt, JT and Stephen were in solid positions when they’re together. Two heads are better than one, right? They could now side with anyone just to stay in the game. Siding with Tyson and Coach could spell disaster to them and honestly, I prefer if they stick with Taj, Sierra or Erinn.

With all the editing going on, Taj could also in an awesome position. With Brendan out in the circulation, her social game

was jazzing up to its fullest. I am looking forward what she can do to change the course of the game in the next episodes. She clearly has the power to save Sierra from Tyson’s cockiness.

And I nearly forget, here’s a link to Brendan’s interview in Reality News Online.

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