Latium Provides A Safer Work Environment | ICO Token Sale Today!

Latium strongly believes decentralization solves the inevitable problems of freelancing. The Latium ecosystem provides a better and safer work environment between employers and employees.

Why Invest in Latium

The second phase of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) begins August 22. There’s a total of 10 million LAT ETH tokens for sale, 2.5 million of which are expected to be in circulation.

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Real-time Payment

Latium is a platform protected by blockchain technology. Once you installed this application in your phone, the agreed payment is recorded in a smart contract.

This way, no miscalculations and fraud can happen. Every centavo is counted, recorded and stored.

Better Efficiency

Freelancing jobs can be stressful especially when employers are unresponsive. In Latium platform, the flow of communication runs smoothly. Payment deals and tasks to be completed are discussed before you begin to work.

Use of Cryptocurrency

Employers pay their employees with cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Latium Classic. These virtual money are safer payment options than door-to-door cash delivery and credit card. It can be converted into fiat currency anytime at any day.

Global Transparency

Employers can use the Task Search to find the right employee or group of employees for the right job. The Latium platform allows them to find the candidate with the right skills and experiences. It nearly functions like LinkedIn with a blockchain support.

Why Employers Need To Use Latium

This is an ideal work environment for those companies who outsource 40% of their in-house activities such as search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Better Reputation System

Both the employer and the employee have reputation score displayed on their profile. It’s easier to evaluate one’s strengths and weaknesses objectively.

Easier Task Management

The Latium platform provides a project management board where employers can effectively create new tasks, select the right candidate for each task, upload files, mark completed task and request for payment update.

The task management can handle individual and group projects regardless of the workforce size, whether it’s many to one, one to many or many to many relationship.

Better Profile Management

To get more job offers, you can update your profile avatar and bio. You can add more skills and experiences to convince more employers to hire you.

Introducing: Team Latium

David Johnson is the Founder and CEO. He is accompanied by Matt Carden, the co-founder and COO. Ben Myers is the design and development coordinator. To reach out to them, simply send a message to

“The Latium Platform offers a unique investment opportunity, as far as most ICOs go. Most ICO’s rely solely on speculation to drive value. Latium is different because the tokens will be used in exchange for labor. This, in tandem with the limited supply, creates additional demand beyond pure speculation.”

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Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity | ICO Token Sale Today!

Mobile security has never been this good! Thanks to Rivetz. It makes use of decentralization to protect your mobile payments and other transactions. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) began August 10.

Every one with a smartphone is encouraged to join the public crowdsale before it ends on September 10. Tokens will be sold for Ethereum. There’s a total of 200 million RvT tokens in supply, 70 million of which is available for token sale.


World-class Security

It is a mobile built-in hardware application. Once installed, you’re subscribed to its array of cyber security services. The blockchain technology protects all your transactions.

This app is a need for those who actively shop online. Rivetz removes the feeling of impulse shopping while feeling paranoid all at the same time. This application protects your buying details all day and all night long.

No Third Party

Gone are the days of giving personal details in different sources. With Rivetz, you can make sure every transaction is safely guarded by the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). You’re allowed to check the status of a device before opening a task.

Multi-factor Authentication

It’s not enough to have a password. The app develops a two factor authentication (2FA). It means when you input a personal information such as your contact number or email address, you’ll receive a One-Time Passcode. You need to input this code before logging-in.

You need this app when you’re a new or existing investor who constantly check the market fluctuation. Regular monitoring becomes a good hobby especially when there are no external threats.

Safe E-commerce

There are advanced cybersecurity controls that protect e-commerce transactions. You can also configure these controls based on your preference.

If you’re an e-commerce site owner, you need Rivetz to assure all buying and selling activities are secured round the clock. Various companies and consumers will feel more confident when closing deals with you.

Secured Cryptocurrency Wallets

All private credentials such as key codes, home address and contact numbers are protected whether for online or offline transactions. This way, the level of paranoia in you remains low.

If you support cryptocurrency, the app solves your security problems. Cryptocurrency is the future of money and when it’s about money, you need to have the best wallets that no malware and hacker can go in.

Machine Multisig

You’re allowed to use a multisignature wallet for better protection. It’s required, however, to be approved by the Rivetz Cybersecurity Controller (RCC) in the Trust Execution Environment (TEE). Upon signed request, the RCC also approves the token with a real-time health test and health hash.

Then, the cybersecurity controller shall process the transaction and shall use the resulting data to authorize your transaction with your chosen token. This is delivered it to the service for execution.

Introducing: Team Rivertz

Steven Sprague is the CEO and co-founder of Rivetz. He studied the cybersecurity business for years and mastered its technical foundation. Watch his interviews below and you can tell he can articulately translate the computing concepts into layman’s terms.

“Since my introduction to Blockchain in 2013, it’s been clear that Blockchain technology and trusted computing have the potential to provide the global infrastructure to enable billions of trusted computing devices already in circulation with built-in decentralized cyber security.”

“We’ve invested and built the foundations to realize that vision. Rivetz believes that the launch of the RvT token and RvT powered services will provide a decentralized operational and economic model to boost the adoption of built-in security controls.”

Steven Sprague is joined by software developers, business consultants and advisors. To reach out to them, you can send a mail to or thoroughly read their FAQ for more information.

If you’re wondering how the Rivetz app works, kindly watch the overview video after the link.

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Confidentiality Guaranteed With World Wide Anonymous Messaging (WWAM) | ICO Still On-Going!

WorldWide Anonymous MessagingTotal security exists as the WorldWide Anonymous Messaging (WWAM) builds a new decentralized protocol that allows anyone to communicate without registering private information.

WWAM Initial Coin Offering (ICO) began August 9, 2017. Early investors will receive a 10% bonus upon their investment before August 22.

There is a 500,00 maximum supply of Ethereum. The minimum goal is only to collect 500 ETH and just in case, this isn’t accomplished, the Ethereum Contract will refund each investor.


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Plain and simple. WWAM is a free messaging platform that can be installed in all devices. You can communicate to anyone without feeling paranoid. The Internet is a world without boundaries. You’re monitored by Internet Service Provider (ISP), search engines and professional hackers whether you like it or not.


WWAM isn’t Skype or Yahoo! Messenger. It isn’t Facebook too. All messages are protected by the blockchain technology guaranteeing total privacy. If you’ll send a message to your private investigator, this message is encrypted.

Authorization is strictly required from the receiving address. Your private investigator can decrypt the message only if he owns a public and a private key provided by the network.

You’re Anonymous

There’s no need to register and save message history. When you and your private investigator install this platform, secured exchanges of messages can begin instantly. Both will be identified by a network code.

Just keep in mind: There are extra fees when sending a large file size. This way, all exchanges must stay professional. No spam or chain messages are circulated around.

All messages are publicly view-able but there’s no authorized addresses displayed due to the use of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and Elliptic Curve Cytography (ECC).

For Long-term Use

WWAM is a new project but created for a long-term mission. The team simply wants an easy-to-use communication tool without the noise of the social world. This instant messaging client guarantees 100% confidentiality without delay transfers.

The team believes information is essential for a productive lifestyle. This is a fully functional platform (advanced features to come) needed by various intelligence agencies such as military intelligence and civilian intelligence.

The WWAM Team

WWAM is currently composed of four members. Three of them are software engineers. Xavier is their founder who said in an interview,

“We want users to be able to communicate with each other, without registering their private information. WWAM will negate the need for a central server, and will not store the users contacts, preferences, messages and history.”

For questions and inquiries about WWAM, reach out to them at

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Remittance Made Easier With Everex | ICO Token Sale Today!

Forget the days of money transfer delay as Everex takes its international remittance services to a higher level creating a secured global system powered by the blockchain technology.

Everex makes use of its first-ever Ethereum Mobile Wallet. This app wallet allows anyone to transfer fiat currency without added foreign exchange fees.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) nears its end and everyone is encouraged to join the token sale. This is our chance to make a difference. Please join us.

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Why Invest in Everex

It’s a no-brainer. B2B companies and consumers need Everex to end corruption in the remittance industry. Listed below are the other 10 reasons why the decision to invest is the right choice.

  • Bye Delays

Delays means frustration. Everex hates it too, so we’re providing immediate access to an array of microfinancing services. This includes remittance services.

  • No Stress

We understand the goal of working abroad. It’s for the family security. Therefore, we’re here to provide the most convenient and the most inexpensive system for migrant workers to send money home.

  • Happier Vacation

The real purpose of vacation is to chill. Tourists in foreign countries don’t need to spend time falling in line for currency exchange. We allow every one to buy and use any currency anywhere in the world.

  • Immediate Help

We allow easy and publicly auditable distribution of funds to developing countries. This way, American Red Cross (ARC) can send financial support to Philippine Red Cross (PRC) with less or without extensive paperwork.

  • Transaction Made Easier

Supported by a blockchain technology, borrowing and purchasing any currency is as easy as with the click of a button. It’s completely safe.

  • Shop Anytime

Who doesn’t want shopping. Men and women enjoy the perks of going out to shop for something to wear and for something to use. For this, we openly allow anyone to pay vendors and service providers globally.

  • Cash Anywhere

Everex supports the value of cryptocurrency. Yet, it doesn’t mean we don’t support the standard features of various payment systems. We do and we allow every one to withdraw cash at Local ATMs, local currency exchanges and retailers worldwide.

  • No Added Cost

We hate additional fees. With the Everex app, we make it possible for every one to send money anywhere and withdraw to their bank accounts at a cost of a local transaction.

  • 24/7 Security

Paranoia is a great enemy; therefore, security is our top priority in the list. With the blockchain technology on our side, it’s now possible for anyone to send payments with a secured one-time PIN code.

  • Smart Contract

A cryptocurrency is a virtual money. A smart contract, on the other hand, is a virtual contract. Everex stores all financial transactions here.

It is a public ledger but the essential information about the owner such as name and address remains confidential. Consumers and B2Bs can easily access their smart contracts without problems.

Team Everex

The team Everex is composed of talented and technology enthusiasts. Alexi Lane acts as the CEO and Founder.

Photo Courtesy of: Medium

He is a Fintech entrepreneur and investor with two years training in blockchain development and with more than 15 years of experience in capital markets, financial services and payments.

“Our goal is to create a positive significance and give financial access to the Bottom of the Pyramid population.” Meet the rest of the Everex Team

Everex wants a better change in global financial system. Help us. Send in questions at and sign up to our mobile wallet today:

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