Survivor Insights 123: One World – Greek Gods vs. Peasants (Episode 5)

WHO STANDS OUT?: Kim instantly became the most powerful player in the game for having the hidden immunity idol inside her pocket. She only shared the information with Chelsea, who she considered her best friend in the game. These women talked about strategy and it looked like they agreed on a good plan.

Making sure she’s with the numbers, Kim also protected herself by having a secret alliance with Jay and Troyzan. How strong was this alliance? If it’s a strong alliance, does this mean Kat and Alicia are no longer part of the Salani 5? Or, is this the moment that Kim turned herself into a queen who needs to be dethroned?

The queen in a chess game, no matter  how many squares she could cover, could still lost her power once she’s cornered by other pieces. Even pawns, who are the least powerful pieces in the game, could still capture the queen.

THE GOOD: Colton labeled the New Salani Tribe as the Greek Gods who could be invincible in all departments of the game. Colton was right! The New Salani – which consisted of Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat, Michael, Jay and Troyzan – easily crushed the New Manono Tribe in two challenges in a row. Their combined strengths to work together while plugging the holes of a large bucket made them win the Reward Challenge.

Michael, who didn’t belong in any alliance, showed a level of excellence as he scored three points to win the first tribal immunity as a new tribe.

THE BAD: The New Manono – which consisted of Colton, Tarzan, Leif, Jonas, Alicia, Christina and Monica – was clearly the “inferior” tribe. Their efforts were not enough although they did put their best foot forward against the Greek Gods. The only member of the tribe who was playing hard was Colton. An obnoxious villain responsible for Matt and Bill’s ouster,  Colton immediately pulled Alicia on his side as he saw his empire was collapsing.  He successfully convinced her to vote one of the women out.

This was the reason why I was disappointed with Alicia. She completely submitted herself to Colton. She acted like she has no choice but to become one of his puppets along with Leif, Tarzan and Jonas. Alicia, which appeared that she’s no longer part of Salani 5, could have done better than just siding with him. It’s her biggest mistake to never realized she was taken advantage of.

THE UNLUCKIEST: The weakest part of Monica’s game was trusting people. She immediately trusted Colton the moment they arrived at their new camp without looking deep inside Colton’s mask. It made me think why she did not even make a plan that could work on her benefit. Her goal was simply to act like a mom to six children than playing a social strategic game. Considering that there were only three of them left from original Salani against four from Manono, it’s expected one of the four men would not vote one of them out.

EPISODE RATING: It’s an entertaining episode from start to end. The two tribes were switched unfairly but they gotta survive it. The episode was 8 of 10 stars!

Photo courtesy of: CBS