Confidentiality Guaranteed With World Wide Anonymous Messaging (WWAM) | ICO Still On-Going!

WorldWide Anonymous MessagingTotal security exists as the WorldWide Anonymous Messaging (WWAM) builds a new decentralized protocol that allows anyone to communicate without registering private information.

WWAM Initial Coin Offering (ICO) began August 9, 2017. Early investors will receive a 10% bonus upon their investment before August 22.

There is a 500,00 maximum supply of Ethereum. The minimum goal is only to collect 500 ETH and just in case, this isn’t accomplished, the Ethereum Contract will refund each investor.


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Plain and simple. WWAM is a free messaging platform that can be installed in all devices. You can communicate to anyone without feeling paranoid. The Internet is a world without boundaries. You’re monitored by Internet Service Provider (ISP), search engines and professional hackers whether you like it or not.


WWAM isn’t Skype or Yahoo! Messenger. It isn’t Facebook too. All messages are protected by the blockchain technology guaranteeing total privacy. If you’ll send a message to your private investigator, this message is encrypted.

Authorization is strictly required from the receiving address. Your private investigator can decrypt the message only if he owns a public and a private key provided by the network.

You’re Anonymous

There’s no need to register and save message history. When you and your private investigator install this platform, secured exchanges of messages can begin instantly. Both will be identified by a network code.

Just keep in mind: There are extra fees when sending a large file size. This way, all exchanges must stay professional. No spam or chain messages are circulated around.

All messages are publicly view-able but there’s no authorized addresses displayed due to the use of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and Elliptic Curve Cytography (ECC).

For Long-term Use

WWAM is a new project but created for a long-term mission. The team simply wants an easy-to-use communication tool without the noise of the social world. This instant messaging client guarantees 100% confidentiality without delay transfers.

The team believes information is essential for a productive lifestyle. This is a fully functional platform (advanced features to come) needed by various intelligence agencies such as military intelligence and civilian intelligence.

The WWAM Team

WWAM is currently composed of four members. Three of them are software engineers. Xavier is their founder who said in an interview,

“We want users to be able to communicate with each other, without registering their private information. WWAM will negate the need for a central server, and will not store the users contacts, preferences, messages and history.”

For questions and inquiries about WWAM, reach out to them at

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