DENT Wireless Liberates The Mobile Data | Token Sale Today!

Prepare for an explosion as DENT Wireless unites its own community of users to liberate the mobile data industry. DENT circulates its own token and be the worldwide currency for mobile data trading.


What is DENT Wireless

Founded in 2014, DENT Wireless LTD is the world’s first global mobile exchange based in Hong Kong. Its mission is to set the mobile data free from its layers of barriers. Tero Katajainen wants a community of users to easily buy, sell and donate mobile data worldwide.

Who is Tero Katajainen

Tero Katajainen is the current DENT Wireless CEO. He’s a Finnish with a deep passion for FOREX Trading System. Apart from being a Masters degree holder of electrical engineering, Katajainen’s resume includes co-founding various Internet business start-ups for twenty years.

Tero Katajainen is accompanied by other experienced founders who have expertise in serial entrepreneurship, internet pioneering, blockchain technology and payment system. Meet The Team

In the video below, KCN News interviews Tero Katajainen. He will explain what makes DENT Wireless LTD the next supernova in mobile market.

Why Go For DENT Wireless


DENT changes the battlefield as it represents a community of customers who are dependent with the limited mobile data services provided by their telecommunication providers.

Mikko Linnamaki, the company’s co-founder, said.

“DENT builds a community of Telco customers like a union to leverage the collective buying power to drive change. For a Telco, each customer is highly valuable – in fact worth a global average of $460.

Combining just 2 million customers represents $920 million, which no company can ignore.”


The DENT Team has the power to negotiate terms and conditions with various Telcos. DENT facilitates the removal of data roaming drivers.


Like the food we eat every day, the need for mobile data transfer becomes essential. People need it to close business deals, shop goods and pay bills. It’s for this reason why DENT makes life easier, faster and better.

How to Use DENT Wireless

It’s easy. The first step is to download the DENT Mobile App. This application is a simplified version of its Web-app, which allows the users to monitor the fluctuation of quote charts, place orders and view DENT balance.

Originally, the idea behind DENT Wireless is to develop an automated system of FOREX Trading. This product is integrated to a trading terminal, the MetaTrader. The application version of this system is called Web-app, which allows market participants to monitor feeds, place orders, sell orders, review portfolio, order history and more.

What is a DENT Token

Simply put, it is a currency used in trading. The DENT Token is the power that runs the platform. It is used to buy and sell data in international marketplaces. Ethereum Users can get it for a low starting price.

For the newbies, they will ask, what is ethereum? Imagine Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It provides a blockchain technology in which peer to peer electronic cash system is allowed worldwide.

Ethereum is also a blockchain. Instead of a bitcoin, the currency is called an Ether. Ether is a crypto token that powers the network. It is used by app developers to pay transaction fees and services.

In other words, one needs a token to use DENT Wireless better yet, one can make an instant contribution to the DENT Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Get tokenizing!


DENT Token Sale is on progress. It began June 12 and will end in July 26, 2017.

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