Survivor Insights 87: What’s The Best Survivor Season in History?

It is a tough and demanding task for me to rank the best season of SURVIVOR. I am bias (in terms of preferences) and I could give you all my good reasons why Survivor Panama Exile Island is my best season in history. Let’s say you have studied this show for ten years and if you’ll based your judgments on outwit, outplay and outlast, perhaps Season 12 is only average or below average and Aras-Danielle is a very forgettable final two. That’s your opinion folks and I completely understand that. This TV Show is just a game after all and if you and I have similar views, this world is a boring place. Freedom is a choice and it’s your right to say or write whatever you want. However, only one thing is for sure, I am still keeping my stand and I won’t be swayed.

Dalton Ross and Tom Santilli have written their own versions of “Most Memorable Survivor Season Ever” and it pretty frustrates to see Survivor Panama Exile Island is not on their top ten list. Although Jeff Probst declared it as one of the colorful seasons during the reunion, Santilli and Ross still rank the season at #15 and #14 respectively. That’s fine though. I seem to think having ranked outside the top ten is better than to be last, right?

Here are the links in which you can read their entire article:

Updated Survivor Season Rankings by Dalton Ross

Ranking the Most Memorable Seasons of Survivor by Tom Santilli

Happy New Year Everyone & Keep watching SURVIVOR!