Survivor Insights 18: 3-2 Win for Jalapao

The editing was getting better each week and this week’s episode started with some castaways knock themselves on the chopping board.

First on the list is Candace Smith. She’s competitive in challenges, she’s a talker and she’s charismatic but why she was not fighting to avoid elimination? She and Erinn were talking about ousting Coach but why she didn’t make it happen? If only Candace used her persuasion expertise and get along with Tyson, Jerry, Erinn and Sierra, she would have probably sent Coach home. But even Erinn voted against her during the Tribal Council- an indication Candace’s strategy was a no show.

I read Candace’s interview in RNO and this was she said why she not voted against Coach.

“Because I thought people on my tribe were so brainwashed by him. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I was like, “Is he really having this effect on you?” I was the only one being protected by the evil rays. I could take him down with one arm. It was like a cult, like the whole “I’m your coach” thing – it worked with everybody! But with some people, it was horrifying.”

Another mark of disappointment was Coach. Coach was trying to portray the “Mr. Invincible” in pilot episode but it turned out he’s behaving like a cockcroach during the immunity/reward challenge. Candace, Brendan, Tyson and even Sierra were pulling their legs to attain victory but where was Coach? Perhaps, it’s his strategy not to be in the front seat during challenges or was he a no-good coach at all?

Debbie Beebe, the school principal, was all in praise for Coach and as expected, Coach liked it. They created alliance and during the Tribal Council, Debbi sounded like she wanted to get rid of Erinn. Geez, hoping Jerri, Tyson and Brendan won’t buy in this agreement. Timbira was stronger in challenges with Erinn on board than Debbi.

Talking a lot is a crime in SURVIVOR. I knew Taj was hesitant when she told her tribemates about her married to an ex-NFL pro and this can spell d-a-n-g-e-r on her feet. But Taj was a former member of SWV (the RnB group behind the hit single “Weak”) and she may still have lots of magic COOL tricks going inside her mind and hopes it works on her and not against her.

In Timbira, Sierra and Brendan joined forces in searching for hidden immunity necklace but like Sandy, they came out empty-handed and revealing to their tribemates that they were digging for a bonfire sounded like a messy non-impressive joke. What were they thinking? Also, it might not a good idea for Sierra asking Brendan for help. Brendan was an entrepreneur and he could tell lies as easy as eating peanut. What he did after his return from Exile Island, that’s how Candace should have played the game. Survivor is a mind game and one should know how to use your skills to your BIG advantage.

The water-basketball immunity/reward challenge was again like a grand slam finale between Nadal and Federer. Timbira was in an impressive lead 2-0 but Jalapao went ahead to equal the scoreboard, 2-2. Sierra continued to display a no-joke competitiveness but came short when Stephen armed her down and shoot the ball for Jalapao’s victory 3-2.

Just hoping that after this Jalapao’s victory, Stephen and JT cemented friendship blooms forward and help them get into the jury. Seeing best friends win this game will be nice, eh?