SURVIVOR Insights 161: SJDS – Where Did Drew Go Wrong (Episode 4)

Total Viewers: 9.33 Million

Drew was a camera favorite in three previous episodes. The edit showed his arrogance, overconfidence and camp idleness. He was perceived as the baby of the group, which resulted nothing but disappointment. Drew became the first eliminated Hunahpu member for the following reasons:

Drew Male Alliance

Reason 1: Breakable Alliance. Drew was part of a male alliance. He, Jon and Jeremy made plans but no one attempted to maneuver these plans in the right direction. Jon (the Bernard Tomic look-alike) wanted to get rid of Julie (the season’s Angelina Jolie). Jeremy felt Keith was the right choice and Drew attempted to take down Kelley.

Kelley could have been the better choice. It’s a proof Drew started playing his strategic game. His biggest problem, though was his lack of tender touch. There’s this one scene in which he’s trying to convince Jon and Jeremy to vote off Kelley and I observed his approach was aggressive.

Reason 2: Leadership vs. Management. Drew wanted to do things in his own terms. He got the balls to negotiate with Jeff Probst even if the idea sounded silly. He wanted to throw the immunity challenge. He wanted Jon and Jeremy to eliminate Kelley. Seems strong and unbreakable, right?

There’s nothing wrong with making firm decisions for yourself but sometimes, inflexibility results to bad management. Things will spiral down immediately when a leader doesn’t know how to properly manage his people.

Reason 3: Throwing A Challenge Was/Is A Crime. Drew might have forgotten the past events. Throwing a challenge wouldn’t yield positive results. Every tribe who decided to throw a challenge ended up losing the game and losing the season, as well (as I remembered it). One clear example was the Zapatera Tribe in Season 22. When the tribe threw the challenge to knock down Russel Hantz in Episode 3, Ometepe started winning more challenges. Rob as their leader won the season.

Immunity Challenge Alert: 3 Hunahpu, 1 Coyopa

Who would have thought Coyopa would win the most difficult immunity group challenge to date? Drew probably knew. I also knew when Hunahpu chose Jon, Kelley and Jeremy chose not to participate.

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