Survivor Insights 96: Redemption Island – Wasted Chances (Episode 8)

1) Murlonio: Zapatera, no more. Ometepe, no more. Here comes… … … Murlonio! The “merge tribe” in which it means nothing but a crazy joke made by Boston Rob.

“Murlonio doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just an inside joke between Amber and I.  She has a bunch of stuffed animals and Murlonio is like the ring leader.”

Either you like or dislike the name, deal with it. It’s already too late for a change. Boston Rob simply gave a crazy suggestion and everyone took it like it’s the whole truth. Do not blame Boston Rob. That’s not fair. He’s only enjoying his time and getting in everyone’s nerves. I hated it when he outnumbered Rob Cesternino in All-Stars. I was even against him in Heroes vs. Villains when he’s gunning for Russel.

Now, for his the fourth appearance in the show, Rob still got what it takes to be the sole survivor. In fact, this is certainly his best and THE CRAZIEST season. His strategic game constantly changes in every season he’s in and that clearly makes him an interesting/entertaining person to watch.

2) It’s Just A Game: Matt’s biggest mistake was his lack of ability to separate religion and the game. I am a Christian too and I respect Matt’s beliefs. I have nothing to complain about being him as nice and honest. It is just that Matt was out of the line. He appears to be taking the game so seriously and as a result, he tends to be consumed by his guilt and confusion.

As the first ever survivor who won six duels in a row, Matt was in the most powerful position to destroy Boston Rob’s empire. The right time has come. However, he wasted all his chances. He turned himself into wishy-washy Chase in season 21. First, he turned down Mike’s offer to oust Grant. Second, he figuratively threw Andrea under the bus. Third, he confessed to Rob about his decision to switch.

Look the bigger picture and you’ll realize it’s Matt’s fault why he got blindsided for the second time. Someone gave him a one-way ticket to Redemption Island and Matt unconsciously accepted it. To top it all, he got blindsided by the same person in episode two.

Probst‘s Advice: “…sharing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is not always the right choice.”

3) Superman vs. Wonderwoman: As the youngest survivor in history, who would imagine Natalie knocked out the fittest alpha male of the season? No one I assume. Natalie also surprised me. I never expected her to ace a challenge and no one should forget that it’s a showdown against Mike. The challenge was all about focus, balance and consistency. Natalie has not failed to accomplish it all. Her professional experience in dancing certainly helped her balance three small balls rolling on a wooden disk while she’s standing on a small log.

Mike could have won. He’s in need of the necklace more than Natalie. Should he win the challenge, there’s no need of using Ralph’s hidden idol. The idol was used for nothing and did not benefit anyone.

4) Episode Rating: 10 of 10 stars. This is the type of episode I will remember. Various mistakes made and only one person took the control of the situation. I’m sure you know who he is.

Photo courtesy of: CBS