Survivor Insights 32: Survivor Philippines Season 2 -The Firsts of the First

Airai (Shaun, Vlad, Troy, Cris, Maya, Jef, Mika and Amanda) won the First Reward Challenge and the First Immunity Challenge, thanks for their team hardwork. During the Reward Challenge, Airai wasted some time inside the puzzle maze. The puzzle makers in Korror (Carol and Justine) already started to untie the puzzle pieces in knots.

Thanks to Jef (22) and Maya (32). These two ladies showed distinct greatness and wasted no time for talks. They untie the knots like beasts, using their teeth and fingers. Feeling confident all along, Maya and Jef immediately finished the puzzle to gave their the tribe the triumph they deserved.

Korror started strong during the Immunity Challenge. Airai was bit struggling in carrying the 89 kilos stone monolith. However, seems like Aira’s team consistency remained their strongest suit in the game and immediately advanced into the next phase of the challenge: To carry the monolith over the other side of a triangular wall.

All castaways were sweating and grunting like crazy that moment. Both teams were put in rough test. The challenge was not only about power but also mental toughness. It was Airai who juggled the perfect formula at their advantage. Amanda (the “Stephenie LaGrossa” of this season at 25) and Shaun (the season’s “Tom Westman”) ran towards the pit of dried leaves and success, Shaun found the Immunity Idol.

Safe from First Tribal Council, Aiari was put in authority  either or not to give the supply crate to Korror. Jef said “no” but the oldest castaway in Korror (Carol) was awarded with Immunity Bracelet, guaranteeing a spot in the Top 15.

Who will be voted out in Survivor Philippines’ Season 2 First Tribal Council?

It’s anyone’s game now. If Marvin and Suzuki cemented their alliance with Louie and two other mates, they will probably be safe. Yet, if the group decided to oust the strongest castaway, either Marvin, Suzuki or Louie are in the chopping block.

Getting rid of the strongest is absolutely a risky move for Korror (Marvin, Suzuki, Louie, Charles, Echo, Carol, Tara, Justine). Airai maimed them in three consecutive challenges and that’s no joke. Right now, what they need is power and their ability to convert that power to win.