Survivor Insights 134: Philippines – Why Not Blinside Penner (Episode 6)

THE BAD: I couldn’t get it. It’s the perfect time to blindside Jonathan Penner but they didn’t do it. Or, is that only what I think?

Jeff Kent got other ideas. Along with Carter on his side, both men chose not to blindside Penner. They are sure Penner will have a target on his back when merge comes. Jonathan got the hidden idol and he’s a returnee; therefore, they assumed everyone won’t allow him to stay longer

Was this a great strategy? Yes.

Will this idea work? I don’t know.

Do I agree with it? No.

I don’t understand why they need to wait when it’s already the right moment. It looks to me both men gave Penner the chance to explore other opportunities.

THE GOOD: If there’s one good thing about saving Penner, that would be his loyalty. It seems he trusted Jeff when he approached him for an alliance in Episode 3. By not blindsiding him, Jeff successfully made Penner think he’s still 100% safe.

The biggest problem here is – a merge is coming and a lot of things are about to change!

The game will be about ME and for this, Jeff might find it harder to get rid of Penner. Even if he convinces Malcolm and other people from Tandang to orchestrate a blindside, I’m sure Penner will do everything in his power to survive.

Penner may not win the first individual immunity challenge but he can back-stab one of his own in exchange of his survival.

THE UNLUCKIEST: It wasn’t Katie who completely took the fall this episode, it was probably Jeff. He might either miscalculated not to make things happen or he has over analyzed the situation.

THE STANDOUT: The Immunity Challenge was a repeat of the eighteenth season. Back in that season, it was Tyson Apostol who helped his tribe win. He scored three consecutive points for Timbira at 2-4 down against Jalapao. This season, Malcolm equaled Tyson’s feat.

It’s wrong to say Kalabaw lost the challenge. The tribe was already there, only an inch closer to victory.

Malcolm simply won that challenge for Tandang. Since becoming a new Tandang, Malcolm officially became the tribe’s power. His level of athleticism was neither close to Michael, Pete nor Artis.

Michael was only a strategist and he’s more of a good leader than an athlete. As for Pete, he’s one of the fittest men this season but he’s more of “the brain” in challenges. He solves puzzles.

Jeff Kent is nineteen years older than Malcolm. Yet, in terms of strength, he’s the only one who can get even with the young fella from California.

Photo courtesy of: CBS